About Baltzersen’s – A Scandinavian Cafe in Harrogate


There are few lifestyles more appealing than the Scandinavian, where the cornerstones of existence are family, food, health, simple functional design and a laid back effortless cool. Baltzersen’s is a café that offers you the best Yorkshire sourced ingredients prepared with Scandinavian inspiration to deliver a taste of the Nordic north in relaxed and calm

Our Story

Liv Esther Baltzersen was born in Sauda, Norway on 17th April 1923.  She grew up in Norway and in 1948 she visited England, attended the London Olympics and through a mutual acquaintance met her future Husband. She was a fantastic cook and baker, spoke 7 languages, loved knitting and gardening, but most importantly to me she was my Grandma.

During my childhood, without realising it, I grew up eating Norwegian food whenever we’d visit Grandma.  There was always a battered old Wall’s ice cream tub of serinakaker or mandelskiver biscuits and waffles were a regular snack on a Sunday afternoon – I never really wondered why other people didn’t eat them. As we grew older Baltzersen’s was a concept often discussed in our family.

At the end of my time as an officer in the army I wrote a document describing what I thought Baltzersen’s could be, what it should mean to the people who worked there and to those who visited.

The concept has grown with the project and continues to be refined, but the fundamental idea has remained.


Our Mission is to deliver:

Scandi-inspired food to comfort and sustain’


1.  Put the customer first.

2.  Food made on-site from scratch using the best produce Yorkshire has to offer.

3.  People who care about what they are doing and are great at doing it.

4.  Clean, comfortable and functional surroundings.

5.  A brand you can trust.


Paul Rawlinson – Owner

Former Army Officer + Norwegian Grandma + Passion for food and drink = Baltzersen’s!

Terrible taste in music, better taste in interior design.

Yorkshire Born, Manchester Bred.


Jessica Falgowski – Front of House Manager

Time-served hospitality veteran.

Nominated for ‘Waitress of the Year’ in Harrogate Hospitality and Tourism Awards 2015.

Green-Tea enthusiast.

The glue that keeps the place stuck together.





Mary-Jane Walker – Head Baker

Singer in the ‘Hunting Bears‘.

Makes a great Prinsesstårta!

Learning Danish (not the pastries).

Winner of ‘Most proposed to in the cafe’ award (mostly by admiring older ladies that love cake!).

Marcus – Server

Gym bunny.

Cougar magnet.

Weak immune system.

Plumber to be?

Carla Addyman – Server

Kasia Michel – Server

Max Shepherd – Porter

Liana Robson – Server

Helen Tennant – Shift Manager

Helen is currently away at university.

Paul Hopwood – Barista

Chess fanatic, coffee fanatic, aspiring running fanatic, fanatic.

Can make 17 smørbrød disappear in the blink of an eye.

Get comfy then ask him about psychology.

Blackadder quotes abound.