Bank Holiday: Scandi-Style

Here at Baltzersen’s, we like to stay open on bank holidays. After all, someone needs to provide the people of Harrogate with cinnamon buns over the extended weekend.

So, for our fellow hard workers who are on the job today, we’re here to remind you that you can still get your fix of bank holiday fun with a few scandi-inspired ideas for a special evening at home.

Have a Crayfish Party


August is crayfish season so do like the scandis do and host your own crayfish party. Bibs, hats, lanterns and bunting, it’s a great excuse to party any day of the week! Read about how to host your own over at the Scandi Kitchen blog. Okay, so it may be a little late in the day to order in live crayfish, but Ramus Seafood do some great alternatives as long as you have cone hats and schnapps, your party is sure to be a great way to get friends and family together.

Make a Recipe From Grandma B’s Book


You may have heard of our recent expedition into the depths of Grandma Baltzersern’s 1917 recipe book after hiring Norwegian-speaking Rob. He’s uncovered some fascinating recipes that are simple to bake and a real treat for the taste buds. So what are you waiting for? Get the recipes here, pull the kids away from their iPads, roll up your sleeves and stick on the folk music. And don’t forget to make a toast to Grandma B who would be honoured to see people enjoying her honey cake 96 years on.

Play Viking Chess


Otherwise known as Hnefatafl, this 1600-year-old predecessor to chess is still played in Norwegian cafes and homes today. The goal is simple – capture the other teams king by ‘squashing’ their players and defending your own. Originally played by Vikings on boards made from reindeer skin, it may be difficult to find a set in Yorkshire tonight, but you can always download the app here.

Ideally, this game is played in a horned helmet and accompanied by a glass of Akevitt.

Sing the Norwegian Coffee Song


Not quite in the running for the UK top 40, this cheery tune is a guaranteed to bring in the laughs after a few schnapps. Be prepared to look ridiculous: you’ll need a distinct lack of inhibitions, a group of friends, a piano, and someone with the ability to read music. The lyrics and music are here and it should be performed in a call and response manner. Don’t worry if you can’t speak the language, that makes it all the more fun.

Oh, and if you’re brave enough, send us a video so we can have a laugh..

Go Nordic Walking


Why not swap your usual evening stroll for a brisk Nordic ramble? One of the fastest growing fitness trends in the UK; Nordic walking is a great way to get the blood pumping and doesn’t actually require snow (although looking at the weather outside, that could be a possibility). Find out more here, and if you really enjoy it there is a group in Harrogate who hold regular free walks. And of course, with all the exercise you’ll need to replenish your energy levels with a mid-morning cinnamon bun..

Speak Norwegian


For those of you who are looking for a more educational bank holiday evening, take a look at our new recruit Rob’s video on how to speak Norwegian. He’s given us some handy coffee-based phrases, as well as some more unusual ones to impress the locals with. We think it’s a pretty hard language to grasp with all those guttural r’s, but, if anything, it will give you something to try out on the staff next time you’re in the café. Prepare to be met with some confused stares..

Chill Out with the Baltzersen’s Playlist


And finally, if you’re in for a more mellow evening, then why not just relax with a glass of wine and the mellow beats of the Baltzersen’s playlist. From folk to easy listening, it’s the perfect way to wave goodbye to the summer and welcome in the snug autumn nights.

Ha en riktig god fellesferie!

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