Bar at Baltzersen’s: We can now offer a Bar Service!

Over the last few months we have been going through the process of applying for a license to sell alcohol at Baltzersen’s and last week we got the thumbs up!

Primarily we want to be able to offer a more complete events service for those customers who want to hire out our fantastic space in the evenings.

One of the most enjoyable parts of providing a bar is that I (Paul) have been able to choose drinks that I want to stock.

It’s not easy trying to cobble together a bar using Scandinavian drink producers. From our ‘Beer and Food’ evening we are aware that Danes Mikkeller brew some of the world’s finest ales, but they aren’t really cost-effective in our situation. We also tasted ‘Crocodile’ an export lager from Sweden but it didn’t blow us away in terms of complexity. What we did learn that evening was that those friendly chaps up at Ake and Humphris know their stuff across a wide range of alcoholic beverages so who better to advise us on our menu!

Beer Bottles that won't be found behind the Batlzersen's bar.

Fantastic beers but perhaps a little pricey for the average barfly.

The events bar menu can be viewed here.

The Bar Menu

The wine selection will change regularly and if someone has a specific wine/producer/variety/country or origin they would like us to provide then I’m sure we will be able to oblige.

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Quilmes Lager from Argentina was strongly recommended by Paul from A&H.  Personally I’m an ale drinker but this is probably the nicest lager I have tasted in years.

We’ve stocked the bar with range of ales from local breweries surrounding Harrogate and we think there should be something for everyone. The ‘Brewdog’ Punk IPA was added because it’s a nice brew but also because I admire the brand and what they are doing within the industry.

The spirits were chosen to try and provide a rounded menu and the brands because I like those specific examples – like I said it’s fun stocking your own bar!

Jenson’s Old Tom gin is distilled in London but by a Danish ex-pat, so it fits with our offer at Baltzersen’s very nicely. It’s heavy on the botanicals and is something entirely different to most gins people will have tasted.  Jenson’s Old Tom is recommended for classic style cocktails such as the Martinez but I think it’s interesting with tonic too.

Two bottles of premium spirits with a Scandinavian influence that can be found on the Baltzersen's bar.

Akvavit is an essential spirit for any self-respecting Scandinavian influenced bar. Jenson’s compliments what we have going on here at Baltzersen’s

Aalborg Akvavit was a must-have for any self-respecting Scandinavian influenced café, we’ll also be adding a drop of this to our gravlaks cure over the festive season.

This was the first opportunity to try out our new festoon lights too!

Baltzersen's shop front with a string of festoon lights - bulbs on a string.

Our new festoon lights – they look great but they are very delicate so special events only!

The Future

So if you’re looking for a venue for a get together, be it a drinks reception for work or an opportunity to get friends or family together, get in touch and we’ll be able to look after you.

If you haven’t got any specific reasons to celebrate coming up then never fear.  Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter feeds because we plan to hold some special evenings. You’ll be able to sample some food, drink and the special atmosphere that we offer on an evening.

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