Craft Beer at Mikkeller: Cph Chronicles Pt IV

I was introduced to Mikkeller’s wonderful craft beer only recently by Des from Ake and Humphris during our Scandi Food and Beer evening in September last year.

Mikkeller is considered to be one of the world’s finest brewers of craft beer.   It is still operated by founder Mikkel Borg Bjergsø who brews most of his beer at the de Proef Brouwerij in Belgium, and regularly brews collaboration beers at other breweries around the world.  He brews house beers for various top restaurants in Denmark including Noma.  They have 2 bars in Copenhagen, 1 in Bangkok and another in San Francisco opportunities to try their beers on tap are few and far between.

We made our way to the original Mikkeller bar on Viktoriagade in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro area.  The bar is in the cellar like many of the coffee shops and restaurants across Norrebro and Vesterbro.  You step down into a calm and fairly serious space designed for enjoying beer and not for overindulging.


Along the bar of the bar is a wall of 20 pumps dispensing the wide variety of brews, dominated by Mikkeller but with a sprinkling of other offerings from well regarded brewers.  Bar snacks are available in the form of cheeses, pickles and the most amazing smelling cured meat sausages.  There is a mixture of stools, chairs and benches with exposed bulbs and candles dimly lighting the rooms throughout.

Beer is served in small measures of 200ml; is a good idea given the price and the abv of some of the beers.  The beer is chilled and the glasses are thin walled with stems and Mikkeller branding.  I tried the ’19 hops’ IPA and later the barley wine ‘Big Worse’; no joke at 55Kr (£6.50) and 12% abv.  Both beers were excellent.

Barley Wine - craft beer at Mikkeller, Copenhagen. IPA - craft beer at Mikkeller, Copenhagen.  Craft beer will feature on our beverage list at Nord, and we are hoping to be able to work out a way to offer barley wine as an option to serve by the glass with dessert.  Unfortunately we won’t be able to routinely take advantage of the excellent Scandinavian brewers, due to the prohibitive prices, but we may be able to offer something for special events.

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