Food + Drink: Lunch in Harrogate

If you’re looking for a delicious lunch in Harrogate that offers something a little bit out of the ordinary then Baltzersen’s may be just the thing you’re looking for.

We’ve been quietly doing our thing in the centre of Harrogate for over three years.  In 2015 we were finalists in the Observer Food Monthly Awards ‘Best Cheap Eats’ category and we are regularly featured in national magazines and other media.


Yorkshire is full to the brim with incredible producers who rear and grow a mind-boggling range of ingredients.  Baltzersen’s was conceived with Yorkshire sourcing in mind so be it organic dairy for coffee and cakes or topside for our rare roast beef sandwich; we try to source locally. When we tell people that the food in Baltzersen’s is Scandinavian inspired their reply is inevitably ‘So it’s all pickled herring  and Ikea meatballs then?’.  Well, classics like those are great  but there is much more to taste and enjoy.Scandinavian food is a combination of making best use of seasonal produce with an array of preservation techniques so a wider diet can be enjoyed all year round. We have adapted dishes from a family recipe book that is almost 100 years old.We bake all of our cakes and pastries from scratch right here in the cafe. We think we have combined the best of Yorkshire and Scandinavia, so if you’re looking for lunch in Harrogate come and have a taste and see if you agree!


You can take a look at some of the dishes that we’re well known for below and if you want to learn how to make some of our products then head over to our recipes page where you’ll find plenty of helpful videos to guide you.


If forced to describe the Sultanaboller we’d say it has the softness of a teacake with a slightly ‘cakey’ texture resembling a scone, whatever it is it tastes great.  We have altered a recipe for ‘Rosinboller’ from Åpent Bakeri’s (Oslo) book Brød og brødbaking.

These buns are baked fresh every day and served toasted with organic butter from award-winning Acorn Dairies.


Cafe Menu


The three Scandinavian countries are ranked 2nd (Norway), 4th (Denmark) and 6th (Sweden) in the world for volume of coffee drunk per capita – so we needed a quality coffee offer to match this prodigious statistic.

In keeping with our Yorkshire sourcing policy our chosen supplier is North Star Micro Roasters based in Meanwood, Leeds.  Our coffee is roasted to order, delivered by the roasters directly twice a week,  and always enjoyed at the peak of it’s freshness.  The green coffee beans used in our house blend are imported by Falcon Speciality Coffee, another local business based in Pannal.

We offer a full range of espresso based drinks as well as a guest coffee on aeropress.

Whole and skimmed milk from Soil Association ‘Organic Dairy of the Year 2012’ Acorn Dairy is used in all our drinks and we can also offer Alpro soya milk for those with a lactose intolerance.

Loose Leaf Tea

We offer a range of teas by Doncaster based tea importer ‘The Tea Experience‘.

We put the selection of teas in the hands of the Baltzersen’s team who tried over 25 different teas before deciding on a menu that offers something for most tastes.

We have already had lots of requests for other teas so new blends coming soon include fruit infusions, an unflavoured green tea and decaffeinated tea.


Skolebrød or ‘School Bread’ are made using a sweet enriched dough flavoured with cardamom with a custard centre and icing with a desiccated coconut topping.

These buns look huge but have a deceptively light and fluffy texture and are easily seen off in a single serving.  They are so good in fact that it is an incredibly disappointing day for the team when they are all sold and there are none to take home at the end of the day!

Skolebrød are baked fresh from scratch every morning.


Waffles have been a staple treat in our family throughout our lives.  The perfect snack at any time of the day, waffles are great for sharing – if you are willing to give them up!

We imported a commercial waffle iron from Trondheim, Norway to ensure we have a machine that can deliver a soft yet crispy waffle with an attractive colouring and perfect shape.

Our waffles are served with a choice of jam, seasonal fruit compote or nutella and always with organic whipped vanilla cream.

Our presentation boards are hand made by Skipton-based craftsman Adam Wild.



To make Baltzersen’s home-cured Gravlaks we first source RSPCA approved ‘Freedom Food‘ farmed salmon from Harrogate based fish experts Ramus Seafood.

We cure the salmon in salt, sugar, coriander seed, white peppercorns and fresh dill for 24-36 hours before removing the cure and thinly slicing the gravlaks ready for service.

The finished product has a wonderfully soft melt in the mouth texture and a delicate flavour.

Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon buns are quintessentially Scandinavian and they are one of the most popular items on our menu.

Our buns are freshly baked from scratch every morning and depending in how quickly they get eaten sometimes in the afternoons too.

The buns are made using a yeasted dough rather than a laminated dough often called  ‘Danish Pastry’ – we make this on the weekends too but we call it ‘Weinerbrød’.