Fredagsmys and Fredagskos

Fredagsmys and Fredagskos

Back in December Paul was browsing through a shop in Ilkley and he came across a book entitled ‘Lagom’.  It’s not a new book but he hadn’t had the chance to leaf through it and one of the first pages he looked at was about the Swedish tradition of ‘Fredagsmys’.

We’re loosely aware of the idea already but it got our minds ticking over and we had to find out more.

To be frank whenever we’re wanting to dive a little deeper into one of the stranger parts of Scandi culture we can almost always rely on the team at ScandiKitchen down in central London to have blogged about it.  In this case once again they come up trumps with another lighthearted examination.

You can read their post here:

To summarise ‘Fredagmys’ (Fredagskos in Norwegian) is translated as ‘cosy friday’.  This modern tradition is as such: Friday evenings spent at home with family, friends, telly and snacks.

fredagsmys definition

They have a whole list of rules that make a fair bit of sense.

Fredagsmys must be on a Friday (the clue is in the name)

Fredagsmys can be done in your own company, but it is more mys when you have someone to share it with.

There must be crisps.

There are savoury and sweet snacks.

Also chocolate.

Snoozing on the sofa is a likely side effect.

Introducing: FredagsTaco at Baltzersen’s

Now having you all sitting down in your homes for Fredagsmys is ok, but selfishly it doesn’t do anything for us.  So, we propose a compromise – get together with your family/friends but don’t do it at home, come down to Baltzersen’s and do it here.  In return we’ll sort the snacks and food*, and we’ll even clean up afterwards.

*when we say ‘sort’ naturally we mean have snacks and food available for purchase.

Rule #4 in how to Fredagsmys like a Scandi is ‘On Fridays, we eat taco’


We’ve really latched on to this specific rule, so that’s what our food is going to be made up of.

Last week Paul and Head Chef Matt headed down to London (flights to Mexico were a bit dear) to eat their way round some of the best taco spots the capital has to offer.  They are going to write another blog on this shortly but it’s safe to say they ate some great stuff and the elasticated waistbands were fully utilised over the 36 hour period they were away.


We’re calling our event ‘FredagsTaco’ and the first instalment is scheduled for a 6pm start on Friday 2nd March 2018 and we’re planning on serving until 9.30pm.

So to round everything up there will be:

Nachos and Guac

Tacos (menu of around 6 to include 2 vegan options)

Kid’s Tacos (some simpler options based on the fillings above)

Homemade soft drinks/mocktails

Beer (icy cold bottles of Mexican lager)

Mezcal and Tequila (to sip alongside your food like you’re in Mexico City)

A Cocktail of the month (it’s going to be great)

We’re not planning on taking bookings, just doing first come first served so get here early-ish.

We are really excited about this event and we hope you will be too.  Look out for the next blog and hopefully you’ll get an idea of the kind of thing we’re planning to serve.  We’ll be doing quite a bit of testing between now and then too so we’ll be sure to give you a peek at that too.


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