Linda and her Famous Cinnamon Buns

the famous cinnamon buns

From the very start of his journey with Baltzersen’s, there was one thing Paul was insistent on serving in his café: cinnamon buns from Grandma B’s original recipe book.

However Paul is no baker himself. He searched Harrogate far and wide and finally found Linda to help him turn Grandma B’s 90-year-old scribbles into the wonderful pillows of swirly cinnamon delight he’d envisioned, and thus, the Baltzersen’s cinnamon bun was born.

Linda’s Story

Linda has been a part of the team from pretty much the very beginning and her story is an interesting one.

Proud cinnamon bun mother

Growing up in Kenya, she would tell her friends as the bus for the prestigious ‘Kenya Utalii College’ passed her primary school each day that one day she would be on it. Sure enough, a few years later, she was.

First she mixes ingredients to make a dough

After obtaining her degree, she worked for many years as a haute cuisine chef in Kenya, before she eventually set her sites on the UK, moving to Harrogate in 2012.

She then weighs out the dough precisely and rolls into balls to prove for 15 mins

When I ask how Harrogate compares to her hometown in Kenya she laughs, explaining that Harrogate is a lot more tranquil than the vibrant, buzzing town in which she grew up “it’s different. Great, but different”.

Once the dough has proven, she rolls it out

She first became interested in cooking whilst watching her mother in the kitchen as a child. Fascinated by what she saw, she would use anything she could find to mirror the way her mother used her hands to transform basic ingredients into elaborate dishes, even if that meant ‘cooking’ with mud and water.

She makes sure the dough is the correct size and thickness

Having spent the better part of her life in haute cuisine, Linda sees baking as a sort of nice break for her. She’s learnt over the years just how different the two art forms are and offers a simple yet valuable piece of wisdom “baking is a science, cooking is an art”.

A Day in the Life of Linda

She then begins the spread on the cinnamon paste

A typical day for Linda begins at 4am. She arrives at the Baltzersen’s kitchen at around 5am and begins by firing up the ovens, lining the trays, and, most importantly: placing the cinnamon buns in the oven.

The paste is made of brown sugar, butter and a generous helping of ground cinnamon

She then gets on with baking the other regular pastries such as skolebrød and sultanaboller. She must ensure that the majority of the doughs are proven before 6.45am – a time when most of us are still tucked up in bed.

She then rolls the dough into a stick which she will then cut into about 12 rolls

The passion and excitement Linda has for the things she bakes is inspiring. She still finds the task rewarding and explains how, because of the delicate nature of baking, each batch of cinnamon buns or sultanaboller is different. Perhaps it’s the icing sugar getting up our noses, but we sort of understand what she means when she says, “In a way, they talk to me”.

Developing the Cinnamon Bun Recipe

before cutting the dough, she will store it in cling-film over night

The cinnamon bun recipe itself took six months of development to get to what it is today. Taken from Grandma B’s original book, the ingredients used back in Norway in 1917 were very different to those we have in Harrogate today.

Storing it over night means the dough holds it shape

It therefore took months of tweaking and binfulls of failed batches before Linda finally achieved the perfect combination of squidge, spice and sweetness

.We didn't get a photo of the cutting or putting the dough into the oven because we were all in bed at this point!

It’s not only cinnamon buns that this artisan conjures up in the kitchen. She’s also the brains (and hands) behind many of the other cakes you find on our counter each morning. Paul gives free reign to Linda and her fellow bakers when it comes to choosing what to bake each day, encouraging them to be creative and inventive. Safe to say they never disappoint.

The finished products waiting to be released on the people of Harrogate

Linda is a cherished member of our team and Baltzersen’s wouldn’t be the same without her, and of course her cinnamon buns.

Linda takes a lot of care when icing her cinnamon buns, she wants each one to look its best

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight in to the face behind those beautiful  buns – now it’s time to get yourself down here, we wouldn’t want any of her babies going to waste would we?!

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  1. Alex Scargill says:

    They look absolutely scrumptious:)

  2. Jane says:

    My dear Linda, you have challenged me big time (Lugulu Alumni) |Keep up the spirit and doing us proud.Send some to Kenyan market we sample. they sure look yummy. And i sure wouldn’t mind getting a few tips.

  3. Awesome chief. She is gifted and skilled enough to make you proud and satisfy our graving of burns. Well done Linda

  4. Peter Owame says:

    Congratulations siz! Am actually salivating! May the good work in you make you more of what you feel you are. More of God’s good work in you Lynda.

  5. Naome Mudekunye says:

    Linda you are blessed and highly favoured. I celebrate this recognition with you.

  6. Chris says:

    Great story! Congratulations Linda. May you always excel….

  7. Gosia says:

    congratulation Lindus. you are a magnificent chef, the best I ever met!!!!

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  9. ian says:

    woow aunt. so inspiring

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