Mary Jane’s Princess Cake


Princess Cake

Everyone got a bit excited last night as GBBO went scandi with the traditional Swedish birthday cake: Prinsesstårta.

This technically difficult yet visually stunning bake is one Mary Jane’s been wanting to try for a while. However, she’s always been slightly reluctant as the whipped cream means the entire thing has to be gobbled up within a few hours.

Princess cake

So, with the whole of Britain swept by Prinsesstårta-fever, we thought that now was the perfect time to put her skills to the test.

Mary Jane Takes on the Challenge

After announcing it on twitter last night, the pressure is really on. She’s already received a few orders for birthday cakes and the people of Harrogate are practically (well, figuratively) banging down the doors ready to try a slice of this decadent dessert


We haven’t been able to find a recipe for this in Grandma B’s book yet, so Mary Jane will be following Singe Johanesen’s recipe from ‘Scandilicious’.


She begins by gently folding in the whisked wet ingredients, one by one.


This has to be done slowly or she will loose the air she created when whisking and the cake will come out too dense.


She then sieves in the dry ingredients.


They are then folded in; again this must be done gently to achieve a light and fluffy sponge.


The mixture is then poured in to a cake mould and cooked in the oven for around 25 minutes.


Mary Jane has had no formal training when it comes to baking. She studied music at university in Leeds and always believed she would one day become a musician.

However, sparking an interesting as a young girl, she always enjoyed baking for friends and family. When she was once asked to bake an emergency carrot cake at a café she worked at, she began to realised she could combine her passion for baking with making a living for herself.

She explains how she enjoys the feeling of having created something beautiful from practically nothing, and the satisfaction others get from her desserts.

Back to the princess cake, after taking the sponge out of the oven and leaving it to cool, she has divided it in in three and layered it with patisserie cream, jam and a generous helping of sweetened whipped cream.


Mary Jane realises how lucky she is to be able to earn money doing something she loves, whilst still having time for her other great passion in life: music. This multi-talented wunderkind is also the lead vocalist and violinist in a band that have been doing pretty well as of recent, only just missing out on a set at Beacons Festival due to bad weather.

Back to the Prinsesstårta again, Mary Jane now colours her marzipan a vivid shade of green..


and carefully lays it over the cake.


She finishes it off with a beautiful rose (which she’s had to keep close watch of – one of the chefs has been eyeing it up to give as an anniversary gift)


Finally, she adds some leaves and a dusting of icing sugar.


The Finished Product

The cake is met with a wave of ‘oohs and aahs’ from members of staff and customers as it is brought out to put on display. It’s a real beauty of dessert – truly fit for royalty.


Mary Jane’s passion for baking shines through in every one of her cakes. She is completely self-taught and her face lights up whenever she’s asked what it is she loves about the art form. The fact that she still makes cakes as favours for her family and friends at weekends proves that she’s really been bitten by the bug, and we hope it stays like that.


Mary Jane’s Princess Cake will be on sale from today, and hopefully she’ll be able to make a few more over the weekend. However, it’s a long, elaborate process so you’d best get here soon to ensure you get a slice!

Princess Cake

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