New Guest Coffee: Scandi Style

We are proud to announce that from today we will be serving a guest coffee from Stockholm based roaster ‘Drop Coffee’.

The coffee arrived on Friday and the baristas have spent the weekend lovingly eye-ing the stunning packaging up from across the cafe.

Baltzersen's new guest coffee from Drop Coffee in Stockholm Sweden.

Drop were chosen as our new guest coffee after Paul received a box from Laynes Espresso as a Christmas present from barista Ben. He liked what he tasted so Ben was asked to source a couple of origins.  It is time we truly began doing coffee like the Scandis do!

What’s Different?

Nordic coffee is very unique and sometimes quite controversial. The beans are often roasted much lighter than in other countries, giving it a ripe sweetness and crisp acidity. This means they must be of exceptional quality, as the flavour cannot be ‘masked’ by the roasting process.

You can see the difference in the colour here. Our house espresso blend from Limini Coffee beans on the left are from Brazil, El Salvador and India. The Drop Coffee Roasters’ Rwanda, Nyaruziza  is on the right.

Guest coffee compared to house espresso blend

The guest coffee will be available  as aeropress or cold brew.  Aeropress is a filter brewing method (see our previous post on Brewing at Home) and the resulting coffee is served without milk in bone china cups. Bone china loses temperature more quickly, and the taste profile changes as the drink cools. We prefer our coffee cooler, and believe it is still good tepid!


The beans are ethically sourced and you can read more about the process at the Drop Coffee website. The two varieties we have chosen are ‘Rwanda, Nyaruziza’ with notes of red berries and coca butter and ‘Ethiopia, Hunkute’ with notes of lemon, grapefruit and white tea.

We’ve got a whole four kilos of the good stuff available to drink in or purchase to take home. It will be around until we run out so pop in to try a cup before it goes.

Oh, and as per usual we recommend pairing it with a cinnamon bun!

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