Happy 9th Birthday to us!

Another year ticks by and Baltzersen’s is now 9 and barrelling its way towards double figures. The last 18 months have been the most challenging we’ve faced in the time that the cafe has been open but, with the opening … Continue reading

Baltzersen’s After 19th Jul 21

The Cafe: How We’ll Be Working Now We recently surveyed our guests regarding the lifting of legal restrictions after 19th July, asking them about their preferences regarding the cafe. Thank you if you responded to the survey, as more than … Continue reading

Re-Opening the Cafe – May 2021

Cubano sandwich with potato salad and house pickles

You don’t know just how much we have been looking forward to being able to say, ‘come on in and take a seat’. Welcoming you into the spaces we’ve created is what we love to do, and we are so … Continue reading

The Annual: What’s Happening This Year Post (2021 Edition)

A Year in Dates Most years I write a little review of what’s happened for us at Baltzersen’s and then do a look forward to what’s coming up. I don’t really want to dwell on 2020 too much, if nothing … Continue reading

Reopening Baltzersen’s: One Week On

Paul Rawlinson at Baltzersen's Cafe Harrogate

It’s been a week since we reopened the cafe to welcome guests to eat in. It’s been another period of adjustment for both the team who have been out of furlough and working for a while, and also for those … Continue reading

Reopening Baltzersen’s: Our Plans For The Future

Next week it will be two months since we closed the doors of the cafe and coffee shop in the face of the growing threat from COVID-19. We have been incredibly lucky to have been able to launch Bakeri Baltzersen … Continue reading

The Coronavirus Closedown Plan for Baltzersen’s

The plan for Baltzersen’s as we move forward during the coronavirus pandemic including plans to offer a bread collection and delivery service. Continue reading

What’s in Store for Baltzersen’s in 2020?

2019 was a very important year for us here at Baltzersen’s. We’ve really been working hard internally to make sure we’re getting the fundamentals of the business right and, as well as taking a quick look back over the past … Continue reading

Introducing Our New Head Chef Ben Keightley

If you’ve visited Baltzersen’s recently, you might have met our new Head Chef, Ben. More often than not it’s our kitchen team who serve food to your table which we think is a nice touch because it allows them to … Continue reading

An Indie Business Perspective on the UCI World Championships

Paul Rawlinson, owner of Baltzersen’s, writes his view on what has happened over the course of the UCI World Road Cycling Championships in Harrogate: Put 10 business owners and 10 residents in a room and you’ll get a whole host … Continue reading