Craft Beer at Mikkeller: Cph Chronicles Pt IV


Mikkeller is regarded as one of the best craft beers in the world, so when you’re staying in his backyard it would be rude not to check out his bar…. Continue reading

Artisan Food at Torvehallerne: The Cph Chronicles Pt III

Potatoes at the Torvehallerne Artisan Food Hall in Copenhagen.

The Torvehallerne is an artisan food hall located close to Nørreport Metro Station in the centre of Copenhagen.  It showcases over 60 different food outlets, retail and food service, across two heated indoor glass-walled halls. The stalls range from organic … Continue reading

Speciality Coffee – Cph Chronicles Part II


Speciality coffee is nothing new in Scandinavia.  In fact 6 out of the first 7 world barista champions were Scandinavians and many have gone on to start their own roasteries.  Dane and 2006 champion Klaus Thomsen is one of the … Continue reading

Smørrebrød at Royal ‘Smushi’ Café: Cph Chronicles Part I


If you have ever visited Baltzersen’s and thought Yorkshire and Scandinavia is an interesting mix then one of Copenhagen’s most famous lunch spots, The Royal Smushi Café, has an even less likely fusion – Danish and Japanese. You enter head … Continue reading

Copenhagen Chronicles: The Overview


My wife Katie and I visited Oslo in the build up to launching Baltzersen’s back in early 2012.  At the end of last summer we decided to visit another one of Scandinavia’s capitals, ostensibly to gather ideas for developing the … Continue reading

Small Plates Research in London (+ a burger)

Rabbit rillette at Caravan Kings Cross

I am very much a believer in doing your research. Very little is original and especially in the hospitality if there are problems to overcome someone has usually been there before and solved them to great effect. London, like most capital cities, has an incredible density of cafes and restaurants so there is nowhere better to visit to get the ideas flowing. Continue reading

Harrogate Restaurants: Nord at Baltzersen’s

A poto of Lysefjord in Norway with the text 'Nord' and date 4.4.14 written above.

We are excited to announce that from April 2014 Baltzersen’s will be launching a new addition to Harrogate restaurants to be named ‘Nord’. Continue reading

Independent Coffee: Latte Art Throwdown

North Star Poster

Team Baltzersen’s were present for the inaugural North Star Micro Roaster’s Latte Art Throwdown on Wednesday this week. Baristas from independent coffee shops all over Yorkshire gathered for a bit of friendly competition to determine who could pour the best … Continue reading

Amnesty: Cash in your Loyalty

Steaming coffee cup with barbed wire around. Logo for the Baltzersen's Loyalty Amnesty campaign.

So, what’s new at Baltzersen’s in 2014? We’re launching our January ‘Loyalty Card Amnesty’. Continue reading

Noma: ‘A Work in Progress’

A photo of the 3 part book set 'A Work in Progress' written by Rene Redzepi of Noma, Copenhagen.

My favourite Christmas present this year, outside the gifts given to me by my wife (naturally), was René Redzepi’s ‘A Work in Progress’. I had already read half of one of the books before we had left my Mother-in-Law’s house on Boxing Day evening. Continue reading