Vafler: The Way to a Scandinavians Heart

No other dish epitomises the Norwegian hospitality and warmth more than these sweetheart-shaped pillows of delight.

Scandinavian Sweethearts

If there’s one tradition in that everyone agrees on in the land of the midnight sun, it’s Vafler.

Usually enjoyed with coffee and a newspaper, I suppose you could say waffles are the Scandinavian equivalent to afternoon tea. They are most often served hot – straight from the iron with jam and cream, but can also be a cold savoury dish with cheese or sour cream.

Like smørrebrød, it is believed that waffles date back to the middle ages, with waffle irons appearing as early as the 13th century.

There are many variations on the recipe and each family will have it’s own, but in general, Scandinavian waffles are sweeter and crispier than their Belgian counterparts and have a lighter, fluffier centre.

Our chefs have become so familiar with our (secret) waffle recipe that they can whip up a batch in less than a few minutes.

Our trusty waffle iron imported from Trondheim

The Norwegians are the biggest consumers of waffles in Scandinavia, but it Sweden, they love their vafler so much that they even have a day devoted to them. Våffeldagen, or waffle day, is celebrated on March 25th to coincide with the religious feast of annunciation and signals the beginning of spring and lighter days. On this day the Swedes (and now rest of Scandinavia) dust off their waffle irons to indulge in some sweet waffle action for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It’s clearly not only Norwegians though that are fond of these delicious Scandinavian sweethearts. Our customers love them so much that we often run out of mix halfway through the day, and it’s not uncommon to hear cries for an emergency waffle mix resonate throughout the kitchen, resulting in a momentary mass panic. Perhaps we ought to install a waffle alarm.

Hand-made waffle boards

We make our vafler in our commercial waffle iron imported from Trondheim, Norway and serve them on hand-made boards by craftsman Adam Wild to ensure that evryday is Våffeldagen here at Baltzersen’s.

Anyway, time for us to stop waffling on, why not come in and make your own mind up?

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  2. Julie Donehue says:


    I am trying to find out who makes the Waffle Irons in Trondheim.
    Does anyone know about this?

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