10 Reasons to Visit Baltzersen’s

10 reasons to visit Baltzersen’s

September and October is often a time of change for us as we say goodbye to members of the team that are off to university or elsewhere.  They are replaced by new blood and the team dynamic changes once again to accommodate different colleagues.  I was really keen to gather some of the positive feedback that we’ve earned over the last 5 years because I think it helps to inform everyone about the depth of feeling that many of our guests have for the place in which we work.

Here are some of the themes from the question, ‘What do you enjoy about your visits to Baltzersen’s?”:

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This isn’t about a giving ourselves a big pat on the back (well, it is a little bit).  It’s key for us to know what you like about visiting us so we can make sure we keep doing that, and also so that we can build on it and make the experience better.  Anyone who took on the mammoth task of reading my indie blog in late July knows that top of my list of things that indie businesses have to do is continue to reinvent ourselves and hone our offer to stay relevant and competitive.

The 10 things we’re most proud of:

1. Friendly Staff.

The feedback on the food and drink is really important and lovely to receive but we know that the experience stands and falls based on the people that deliver it – and that includes everyone from me the owner through the people I trust to oversee the day-to-day operations and every member of their teams.


2.  Food.

You like that it’s something a bit different and generally excellent quality.  Cinnamon buns, skolebrød, waffles and the cakes in general all singled out for extra praise.


3.  Relaxed Environment.

A combination of the general design, papers, music and the other guests make our space an enjoyable place to spend a little time.


4.  Coffee.

We will never say we have the best coffee in town but we like our blend and it’s nice to read that so many of you do too.  We’ve invested in training over the last 12 months and we’ll have to continue that, because with the quality of the coffee we get from North Star and the organic milk from Acorn Dairy the biggest variables are introduced by person that puts it all together in your cup.


5.  Strong Identity.

You like the fact the cafe has a strong identity.  We think so too and whether that is as a Scandi cafe or a champion of indie businesses in Harrogate.  We intend to build on this over the coming years.


6.  Catering for Allergies and Diets.

Lots of you were happy that we’ve adapted our range to be able to offer choice for guests that need to avoid certain ingredients.  It’s going to also come up on the areas for improvement too though because a lot of people felt we should be going further.

Our chocolate cloud cake is Dairy and gluten free.

Our chocolate cloud cake is Dairy and gluten free.

7.  Child Friendly.

We pride ourselves in being the kind of place where you feel confident nursing your newborn, bringing young adults and that also has something for Grandma and Grandad.  We want to continue to improve the range we offer for kids, but in true Scandi style we’re not going to dumb things down too much.


8.  Dog Friendly.

Every place needs to decide whether it’s going to be dog friendly or not and judging from the response to our survey we think we’ve made a good choice by inviting your 4 legged friends into our cafe.   Inevitably there are guests on the other side of that decision and those that think some owners could do with being a little stricter in terms of controlling their pet’s behaviour.  Hopefully the majority of us can get along and respect each other’s points of view.


9.  Free Water.

We were pleased to see this one.  We love offering free still or sparkling water for you, it’s a little thing but lots of you love it!  For once we should give the council some credit too, we bought the chiller unit (in part) with money we won in a Council funded competition the other year.


10.  Loyalty Card.

Our Baltzersen’s Rewards scheme has been very popular and over 1500 of you are members.  It’s a generous offer with 10% of your hot drink spend and 5% of your food spend going straight back on your card as points to be used in future visits.


It’s great once in a while to stop and appreciate what you’ve achieved.  There are lots of things that we do very well and especially for the team, who don’t always hear all of the lovely things that guests say about us, it’s important to recognise those strengths and build upon them.

There are always things to improve on and that’s going to be the subject of the next blog here.


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2 Responses to 10 Reasons to Visit Baltzersen’s

  1. Fiona Burnett says:

    Your half price waffles at certain times are a great treat for my kids – they absolutely love them!

  2. Kay Manby says:

    Oh my …..
    I love Baltzersens because I am coeliac and my Mother was from Iceland so combining a place to eat where I actually have a choice on your menu with the Scandinavian style of your food is like a form of golden memory on a delicious plate. To top it your home made gf bread is a complete joy. Well done!

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