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A Foundation in Bread

The last four days I have been away, with my trusty food service consultant (and Father) on an Artisan baking course at the School of Artisan Food, based at Welbeck in Nottinghamshire. It was a strange experience going to Welbeck because it is 10 years ago this year that I finished two years studying for my A levels at what was previously called the Army Sixth Form College at the same location. Continue reading

A Taste of Laynes

This evening I decided to go along, with Brother-in-Law John in tow, to the inaugural Home Barista training session at Laynes Espresso by Leeds Central Station.  The aim was to build upon our coffee knowledge, but also make some coffee … Continue reading

The Search for Suppliers Begins

Today I began the search for suppliers by visiting a number of bakeries and butchers. The absolute highlight of the day was the visit to Kolos Bakery in Bradford. The story of the bakery has featured on Radio 4.
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Loudest Call to Action I have experienced from a Book

I have attended a few sessions on ‘business’ as part of my preparation for leaving the Army and one of the books recommended to me was ‘The E Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to do About It’ by Michael Gerber. Continue reading

Real Bread

Baltzersen’s, or more specifically I, have today become part of the ‘Real Bread’ campaign. Continue reading

Field Trip – Oslo

We have been away an a 48hr whirlwind trip to Oslo to do some research; specifically on the food available in cafes in Norway’s capital and also the style and décor. Continue reading

Designing the ‘Brand’

I thought I should include the bare details of a meeting I had today with the graphic designer who is working with me on this project. This meeting was the culmination of a couple of months of to and fro with respect to the branding of the business. We finally chose a number of the key elements of branding that will be used to define its identity. Continue reading

Location Location Location

I thought that after ushering in 2012 in a quiet way with my wife, my brother-in-law (John) and his wife (Erika) I should write my first proper blog entry – it’s going to be a busy year.

So….where are we? Continue reading

The Beginning

Welcome, my name is Paul Rawlinson and this is my blog about starting up a small business in Harrogate.
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