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The Scandi Diet Part 1 – Fabulous Fish

Welcome to my first blog. I am Katie, Paul’s wife, you can expect to see me working in Baltzersen’s at the weekend but in the week I work as a Registered Dietitian in the NHS. My job necessitates a great interest in food and its links to health and disease, in my blogs I will write about a balanced diet and the benefits of the ‘Scandi’ approach. .
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Butter and Almond Biscuit Recipe (Serinakaker) – Norway circa 1917

My Great-Grandmother, Ingeborg, attended Housewife school in Norway in 1917 and whilst she was there she began writing a recipe book. The book is a record of everything a house wife needs to know about managing a household. This book has been passed down to my Father and he has kindly allowed me to borrow it. I am going to start testing the recipes each week and I will post recipes and pictures here on the blog. Continue reading

Bread – Highs, Lows and a Spelt/Rye Ciabatta

Ever since I have been on my bread baking course at the School of Artisan Food in Nottinghamshire my life has changed. Continue reading