Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Foodie Bugle Magazine – ‘You are what you read’

‘The Foodie Bugle’ started life as an online magazine and has recently translated into their first print edition. I’ve actually had my copy for some time now but I wanted to read it cover to cover before I back it in sticky back plastic (like at school) and put it out on the magazine rack for you all to take a look at. Continue reading


Our new Koldtbords offer us ways to give you even more of a taste of Scandinavia , we can’t wait to get started…. Continue reading

Free Coffee Hours!

We’ve got a barista who needs to practice, you like coffee – put those together and you get free coffee hours every night this week. Continue reading

The Scandi Breakfast

Breakfast has been on our minds for a while at Baltzersen’s……. Continue reading