Monthly Archives: August 2013

Cupping for the Uninitiated

One Tuesday after work Josh and I were lucky enough to attend Bean & Bud’s first cupping session. Here’s a little peek at what we discovered. Maybe you could use the following steps as a guide for holding your own … Continue reading

Skills: What to Learn and What to Outsource

A mindmap showing learned skills and outsourced skills

Every entrepreneur thinks they know this but I will reiterate it: you cannot do everything yourself. Your ability to quickly learn new skills and be able to pass them on to your team is a fantastic asset and will serve you well in business. You can inspire and encourage your team and take the lead in developing them personally and professionally – they will appreciate it. Continue reading

Storytelling: A Weapon in Your Entrepreneurial Armoury

A black book with a Baltzersen's business card ont he front ready for storytelling

Something I learned when I was serving in the Army was that people in the Armed Forces tell great stories. I believe there are two specific reasons for this: Continue reading

Armed Forces Entrepreneur:Skills You Don’t Know You Have

Army and Cafe Uniforms

You are amongst the best people the Armed Forces can offer in your field/rank. I am talking top third or higher. I know this describes you because frankly if you were bottom or middle third you wouldn’t be reading online resources and doing research about starting your own business. Continue reading