Monthly Archives: December 2013

Noma: ‘A Work in Progress’

A photo of the 3 part book set 'A Work in Progress' written by Rene Redzepi of Noma, Copenhagen.

My favourite Christmas present this year, outside the gifts given to me by my wife (naturally), was René Redzepi’s ‘A Work in Progress’. I had already read half of one of the books before we had left my Mother-in-Law’s house on Boxing Day evening. Continue reading

Business Growth for the Future: 10,000 Small Businesses

A screenshot of the Goldman Sachs website

As Baltzersen’s becomes more established and our excellent team continue to take on more of the responsibilities for running the business on a daily basis, my own thoughts are turning to the future. Continue reading

Christmas Market in Harrogate

Coffee machine on show at the front of the Baltzersen's Christmas market stall

This was the second year for the Harrogate Christmas Market located in the centre of Harrogate on Montpellier hill, and the first time that Baltzersen’s has made an appearance. Continue reading