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The Locals’ Guide to Harrogate: Independent Wine and Beer Retail

wine and beer retail

As we come to an end of the first month of the season with an ‘R’, cold winds creep in from the North and we prepare to embrace winter fashion. Although as days become shorter and temperatures drop, it’s quite … Continue reading

Ich bin ein Berliner – The Nordic Doughnut


After the success of Mary-Jane’s princess cake and Anna’s scrumptious Karelian pasties, we’re pleased to keep this regular column of GBBO/Nordic food fusion rolling. As a result of a national doughnut-frenzy, courtesy of GBBO, we thought some fried pastry comfort … Continue reading

Brown cheese, posing caviar and other adventures in Norwegian food

norwegian food

Rob recently completed the final part of his West Coast Chronicles, documenting his caffeinated adventures in Norway. However he felt that there were enough oddities falling outside of his journalistic jurisdiction of coffee to justify a follow-up post: Returning to … Continue reading

One (cortado) for The Road – West Coast Chronicles pt VIII – Final

I was nearing the end of my adventure. It’d been quite a trip, having spent most of it on some form of public transportation in a constant state of scheduling. I felt neither refreshed nor rejuvenated, though I’d enjoyed myself … Continue reading

Baltzersen’s Roast & Coffee Brewing Research: V60 and Aeropress

coffee brewing

In case you hadn’t noticed, Baltzersen’s takes its coffee quite seriously. You can throw as many cinnamon buns, princess cakes and skolebrød at life as you like, they’ll do you no good without decent coffee. All the treats and comforts … Continue reading

The Locals’ Guide to Harrogate: Family Restaurants

It’s been an absolute pleasure researching and sharing our previous locals’ guides to Harrogate. We’ve covered independent coffee shops and pubs so far; perhaps it’s time to step back on the self-indulgence and focus on those near us. Dining out is a unique experience, … Continue reading

The Princess’ vote – Baltzersen’s informal independence referendum


At 7 o’clock this morning, the polls opened and Scotland began partaking in a national independence referendum that promised to be as close as the layers of Linda’s cinnamon buns (illustrated below). These are indeed exciting times, regardless of what … Continue reading

Anna’s Karelian Pasty – a Nordic answer to GBBO

Karelian pasty

Last week Mary-Jane took upon herself the post-GBBO challenge of making a princess cake befitting its name. She’s made us and a good portion of Harrogate very proud, and has thoroughly mastered the art of this majestic dessert. This week’s … Continue reading

Bergen Coffee Roastery – The West Coast Chronicles pt VII

No time for dilly-dallying today; I woke up somewhat at the crack of dawn, thanked and departed from my hosts, and made my way to Bergen Kaffebrenneri (Bergen Coffee Roastery). This involved a rather long and uncalculated walk that graced … Continue reading

Mary Jane’s Princess Cake

Princess Cake Everyone got a bit excited last night as GBBO went scandi with the traditional Swedish birthday cake: Prinsesstårta. This technically difficult yet visually stunning bake is one Mary Jane’s been wanting to try for a while. However, she’s … Continue reading