Wake Up Call

This week has provided something of a wake up call….

When you have a business it is very easy to bask in the glory of the praise you receive from happy customers, it’s fine every so often but it doesn’t take long before you start to wonder what the customers who don’t say anything are thinking.

Well, this week we have been lucky to be visited by that rare breed of customer – he/she who is happy to tell you their thoughts without ‘sugaring the pill’. It is not an easy conversation to have.  Your natural instincts are to begin to make excuses for yourself, your staff and everything else; this is the position I found myself whilst under the scrutiny of a particularly passionate Norwegian lady this week.  Once I extricated myself from this uncomfortable situation and listened to some of the comments overheard by other staff members I was able to think a bit more carefully about what changes may be required. We’ll be making some alterations to our display, bringing in some different colours and textures on our cakes and offering a wider range of smaller bites – savoury and sweet.  We’ll be starting work on this on Monday.

4 weeks of steady weekly growth in sales culminated in a big week over the half-term holiday.  Word seems to have gotten out that we have waffles on the menu – and that said waffles are pretty great.  A drop off in sales this week was virtually inevitable but it doesn’t make it any less disappointing.   We’ve used the opportunity to do some fairly dull behind the scenes admin; catching up on accounts and I even managed my first lie in.

We attended a Ladies’ Pamper Evening in Burton Leonard on Friday evening.  It was our first event outside of the café and gave us the opportunity to show off what we do to people a little further afield and spread the word. The village hall was decorated with twinkly fairy lights and carnival style multi-coloured bulbs and looked great.  Congratulations to the lady who won lunch, coffee and cake for two at the café.

We would like to say thank you to those people who joined us for a two minute silence on Remembrance Sunday, as a former Serviceman it is an important ceremony to me and it was observed impeccably.

Immediate changes for next week include the introduction of our new menu; it only has a few changes to the food but there is a bit more information about the café and ordering options.  Don’t forget to ask us for a loyalty card if you visit – we’re still getting used to asking people if they would like one and sometimes we forget.  We have the glass for our specials board so that’ll be up soon too.  Dan Gardner our designer has done us some posters for an A-board so everyone who hasn’t come in already can’t possibly miss us.  You can see them below:



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