A Foundation in Bread

The last four days I have been away, with my trusty food service consultant (and Father) on an Artisan baking course at the School of Artisan Food, based at Welbeck in Nottinghamshire.  It was a strange experience going to Welbeck because it is 10 years ago this year that I finished two years studying for my A levels at what was previously called the Army Sixth Form College at the same location.  What I previously knew as the ‘Tech Centre’ has now been transformed into a commercial artisan bakery and culinary skills school.

The converted Tech Centre now houses the School of Artisan Food

The course was led by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou who has baked around the world and is the author of the highly recommended ‘How to Make Bread’.  We made all types of bread from white and wholemeal tin loaves through rye sourdough, French baguettes and even finished with delightful pastries such as croissant and pain au chocolate.

Getting to grips with ciabatta dough

Cutting Épi de Blé and scoring baguettes










The finished products - Épi de Blé and Baguette

White sourdough in the oven

At Baltzersen’s we have always planned on making our own Scandinavian cakes and pastries from scratch but the course has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of baking our own bread in the future.  Is there anything better than sandwiches served on ‘real bread’ that you know has been freshly baked on site that very morning!

We have discussed Emmanuel coming up to Baltzersen’s for a short period before we open to do some product development and get the baking systems put in place – another step on the road to some truly stand out baking.

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