A Taste of Laynes

This evening I decided to go along, with Brother-in-Law John in tow, to the inaugural Home Barista training session at Laynes Espresso by Leeds Central Station.  The aim was to build upon our coffee knowledge, but also make some coffee contacts in order to get a bit of an industry ‘leg up’.

The session lasted around 3.5 hours and consisted of espresso brewing techniques (primarily setting up the grind and pulling a consistent shot) and filter brewing.  Dave and his team worked hard to deliver a lot of detail in a relatively short period of time, we all enjoyed the session and came away with a bit of a caffeine high at the end.

Everyone gets the chance to prepare a cappuchino

I particularly recommend the course if you want to improve your understanding of filter brewing and be able to use the kind of slightly pretentious language that coffee buffs (much like wine buffs) use.

For example:

Barista/Teacher:  “You can taste the fruity notes but then it develops overtones of honey and a has a long finish that leaves a real strawberry jammy flavour”

Students (once barista walks away):  “Taste that dominates for me is mostly coffee”

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