Announcing FredagsRamen at Baltzersen’s

Earlier this year we ran a series of events called FredagsTaco and they were legitimately grounded in the modern Swedish tradition of Fredagsmys and staying in on a Friday evening to enjoy tacos and time with your family.   We wrote a blog post about it here.

The events were a lot of hard work but we think we delivered lots of fun experiences for the guests that attended.  We said we were retiring the event for the rest of the year in favour of something new and we’re now ready to announce our new thing.

FredagsRamen (Ramen Fridays) will take place on two dates, 26th October and 30th November, and will be run along similar lines but, and the clue is in the title, a different style of food.  We love ramen and we feel that there aren’t tonnes of options for enjoying it in Harrogate so we want to give it a try our way.

Why Ramen?

Let’s not kid ourselves, we’re doing ramen because we want to.  It gives the chefs a chance to focus on something a little different and challenge themselves. Those of us that work front of house can work with some different drinks and practise table service.  We’re going to make a big effort to dress the room a little and create a lovely hyggelig atmosphere.  We think the photos we’ll be sharing over the next few weeks of our internal practise event will hint at what you can expect.

And yet, having said all that, the link isn’t as random as you might think.  It feels like there is some synergy between Japanese and Nordic culture.  We started looking more deeply into this and quickly realised that we were way out of our depth and anything that we wrote was going to be incredibly clumsy and likely to upset people from one, both or neither country/area.

So we’re not going to expand on the reasoning, instead we’re just going to be happy to try and cook you some great bowls of food and serve them in the fun, friendly and inclusive attitude we try to bring to these kinds of events!


We’ll be serving a choice of 4 bowls of ramen with something that should work for meat eaters, pescatarians, veggies and vegans alike.

**Unfortunately for this event we won’t be able to offer any gluten free options, we are currently looking at whether we can offer rice noodles but some of the prep work has already been carried out on the broths using soy sauce that wasn’t GF.   We will make sure the second event in November has gluten free options.**

We’re catering for kids too.  They can have a smaller bowl of the same options or we’ll even fry them off some noodles in hoisin, curry or sweet chilli sauce.

We’ll have crisp cold Japanese lager and a couple of cracking sake based cocktails.

For non-drinkers there will be Yuzu-ade, cold brewed green kombucha tea or our regular selection of drinks from the cafe menu.

You can view the current draft menu right here.

Event Details

We’re going to open our doors at 6pm but we may close a little earlier than normal on those days to give us a little extra preparation time to get the space ready.

As with FredagsTaco there will be no bookings so it’ll be first come first served and we’re going to go for some longer communal tables to keep the atmosphere super relaxed.

Serving ramen means making a lot of stock for broth so we’re only going to be able to make a finite number of portions.  We’re in negotiations with the chefs on that now, it’ll be a minimum of 50 but we’ll do our best to push that up because after eating them at our practise night with some of our staff this week we want as many of you to be able to taste them as possible too!

See you there!

We hope you like the sound and the look of FredagsRamen and that those of you who joined us for FredagsTaco are keen to come back and have a another taste of Baltzersen’s in the evening.

If you’d like to stay updated, join us over on our Facebook event pages for the October FredagsRamen and November FredagsRamen.

We look forward to seeing you on the night.

Oh, and don’t forget it’s our 6th Birthday on Monday and we’re relaunching Baltzersen’s Rewards with a double points day to celebrate.  If you’re already a member we’ve transferred you to our new system and you’ll be good to go.

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