Artisan Food at Torvehallerne: The Cph Chronicles Pt III

The Torvehallerne is an artisan food hall located close to Nørreport Metro Station in the centre of Copenhagen.  It showcases over 60 different food outlets, retail and food service, across two heated indoor glass-walled halls.

The stalls range from organic butchers and bakers to greengrocers and spice merchants, tea and coffee suppliers and a knife stall.  The food service options cover world cuisine including Spanish, sushi, French as well as a range of Scandinavian options.

The fishmongers had a particularly good range of product much of which you would rarely see in the UK and a first class selection of cured and hot/cold smoked fish.   I hadn’t tried hot smoked scallops before, although I know they are fairly readily available, so I bought just the one.  The smoking process had removed some of the moisture but the firmer texture was pleasant and the smokiness combined well with the sweetness of the fish.

Fresh fish at the Torvehallerne Artisan Food Hall in Copenhagen.

Smoked fish at the Torvehallerne Artisan Food Hall in Copenhagen.


Smoked scallop at the Torvehallerne Artisan Food Hall in Copenhagen.

The produce available at the greengrocers looked the part, with new potatoes and heritage carrots still with soil on.

Potatoes and other produce at the Torvehallerne Artisan Food Hall in Copenhagen.

We ate at a few places during two visits.  We enjoyed tapas sized Mediterranean inspired smørrebrød (25 Kr or £2.95/piece) at the bar of Tapa del Toro.  The freshly prepared hot dishes that people were enjoying either side of us looked excellent too, especially king prawns in a tomato sauce with potatoes.

Tapas from Tapa del Toro at the Torvehallerne Artisan Food Hall in Copenhagen.

We also tasted smørrebrød from the more traditional Torvehallerne smørrebrød (50 Kr or £5.80/piece), these were enjoyed but the combinations weren’t quite balanced right.  Smoked mackerel served with a creamy curried mayo didn’t have the right level of acidity to cut through the rich fattiness of the fish.  Chicken salad with bacon and crispy carrot was also drowned out a little by the mayo.

Smørrebrød selection to go from TorvehallerneThe Torvehallerne was a fun place to visit, and we could have spent all day in there grazing at the different stalls (had we the time, money and stomachs for it).  I have seen a few photos of the summer and it looks like the place is absolutely thronged where as, like most of Copenhagen during our visit, it remained a little sedate.


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