Baltzersen’s After 19th Jul 21

The Cafe: How We’ll Be Working Now

We recently surveyed our guests regarding the lifting of legal restrictions after 19th July, asking them about their preferences regarding the cafe.
Thank you if you responded to the survey, as more than 800 of you did. Here’s what you told us:
  • 64% said they were concerned about the removal of the 1+ metre rule in the cafe.
  • 70.4% said they would choose to continue to wear a mask when moving around inside the cafe.
  • 62.8% said they would want our team to continue to wear masks.
  • 80.8% said they would like table service to continue within the cafe, with the majority of those saying this was down to it feeling safer.
  • 46.6% said they would not visit us if we lifted all restrictions.
On the whole, it’s clear guests still feel cautious and would prefer at least most measures to remain. Given that we have had a delay in opening this week due to staff isolating, we’ve had the chance to observe the plans some of our local friends have put in place, with many reflecting similar observations.
Based on what you told us we’ve now put together our plan for when we reopen the cafe on Monday.

How we’ll be working after 19th July:

  • We’ll be continuing with table service for now.
  • Our team will continue to wear masks for service.
  • Guests will be encouraged to wear masks when moving around the interior cafe, particularly at the entrance area and if visiting the toilets.
  • We will have windows/doors/skylights etc open as much as is reasonable to ensure the best possible ventilation while maintaining good customer experience.
  • Hand sanitising stations will remain in place around the cafe.
  • We will be adding a very limited number of additional tables, but will keep guests reasonably spaced.
  • Tables will continue to be cleaned when guests leave and surfaces in high traffic areas will be regularly sanitised.
  • We will continue to offer as much outdoor seating as possible.
  • We are encouraging our team to take up the vaccine as soon as they are able.
We understand there are very mixed viewpoints and there’s no easy answer right now. We will continue to review our operations with the safety of our team and guests at the forefront and we’ll adapt as we feel is appropriate.
We asked some broader questions as part of the survey about more general thoughts and feelings, and we’ve shared some of those responses on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) if you’d like to see them.
Thank you for your feedback, support, and patience. We hope to see you soon.
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One Response to Baltzersen’s After 19th Jul 21

  1. Ann Davis says:

    We wish you and the team all the very best on your re-opening today. Having being ‘pinged’ recently ourselves and having to self isolate we can apprecaite how distruptive it has been for you this last week or so.
    As always you are demonstrating the very best of customer service by involving them in your forward planning and we are sure they will appreciate how you have taken their comments on board.
    All the very best,
    Ann & Paul , The Tea Experience

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