We can’t believe Baltzersen’s is 5 today

Everyone says it, but it’s true – time flies when you’re having fun.

Today marks 5 years since we first opened the doors at Baltzersen’s.  It was such a big job to get those doors open, taking a shell and completely stripping it back, changing the flow of the space, installing two kitchens and everything else we need to operate on a daily basis.



At the end of our first year we put up the big infographic with lots of stats, we have no idea how many of anything we have made now – but it’s a lot!  We changed the till system in July 2015 so we lost all the data prior to that, but a quick interrogation tells us that we’ve sold 44,000 cinnamon buns, 17,000 waffles and over 170,000 hot drinks since then.  The numbers quickly become mind-boggling.


It’s good to look back and appreciate what we’ve achieved as a team over the years, but more often we find it makes us want to turn around and look in the other direction.  With that in mind we got in touch with those of you who are part of our email list and also put a link on Facebook asking for your feedback.

Over 300 of you responded with some really great stuff that we’ve looked through as a team and I’d like to expand a little on what stuck out for us.  We’re going to be releasing couple of blogs about the feedback we received shortly.

Thank Yous


On behalf of the team I’d like to thank everyone that has visited us and supported us over the last five years.  We’ve tried to keep changing with you and hope that most of the time we are able to deliver an experience that is enjoyable.


We’ve employed a lot of people over 5 years, many of whom have made lasting contributions to what Baltzersen’s has become.  There are way too many to list here.  Some have been working with us for years but equally there are people who have only recently joined, like new chef Mike, who are making a big impact on what we do after only a short period of time.  Here are all the ones we could get together for a photo this week.


A few special mentions though:

Jess Falgowski


Jess deserves a long service and good conduct medal.

She is the only surviving member of the original team that were here when we opened the doors and conducted what was one of the more frantic and less enjoyable services on 1st October 2012.    She was a rock on that first day and she has developed into a person I know I can rely on 100% of the time.

I have a feeling that as I have taken a step back in order to work a little more behind the scenes she is now as much the ‘face’ of the business as I am.

We hope she’ll stick around for another 5 years

Mary-Jane Walker


MJ has been the queen of cakes at Baltzersen’s since the summer of 2013 when she first joined us.  Working alongside fellow baker Gem they have transformed what we do so that it is almost unrecognisable.

She even selflessly stepped up to take on the Head Chef role during a period when we were struggling with recruitment to that position and she made some really positive contributions to things behind the scenes before she returned to her role as Head Baker in January this year.

MJ is the keeper of the ‘hygge’ at Baltzersen’s because she is in love with anything and everything Scandi.

Helen Tennant


This week has marked probably one of the saddest departures from Baltzersen’s yet.  Helen joined in the summer after her first year at university in 2013 and came back to work in virtually every holiday after that.  She went full time once she finished and then moved from a front of house role to become our Finance and Marketing Manager in Jan 2016.

She has worked tirelessly over the last 18 months to help us improve systems behind the scenes.  It’s made my life so much easier having someone that knows the business, the pressures on us all and the people in it.  She has also done a stellar job of preparing her successor Aimee to continue the role.

We wish her the best of luck down in London and if anyone wants to hire a total star for their business in the big smoke she’s a catch – and we can pass on her details!


We have changed some of our suppliers over the years but others have been pretty constant including Sally and her team at Bondgate Bakery, the lovely Paul and Ann from The Tea Experience, Caroline and the guys up at Acorn Dairy and since around 2015 Krag and Holly at North Star Coffee Roasters.

We appreciate the support because we know we wouldn’t be able to do our thing if you weren’t doing yours.


It’s been an action packed 5 years and we’re looking forward to continuing the traditions we’ve created but also making changes as required so we can stay relevant and competitive.  Thoughts will also move towards working out what the next step for Baltzersen’s might be…….who knows!

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