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Foolproof Scandinavian Cookbooks: Tried and tested by Baltzersen’s

It’s hard to know where to begin with practicing cooking from another culture, especially one as varied as Scandinavia. To help you along we have given you an insight into our trusty reading resources so you can begin to explore … Continue reading

The Baltzersens’ Centurial Recipe Book

recipe book

Baltzersen’s may be a young establishment in itself, however its legacy is already centurial. Paul’s grandmother enthused him with a passion for Scandinavian cooking and culture, and a childhood of memories and Sunday brunches has informed what we know today … Continue reading

Noma: ‘A Work in Progress’

A photo of the 3 part book set 'A Work in Progress' written by Rene Redzepi of Noma, Copenhagen.

My favourite Christmas present this year, outside the gifts given to me by my wife (naturally), was René Redzepi’s ‘A Work in Progress’. I had already read half of one of the books before we had left my Mother-in-Law’s house on Boxing Day evening. Continue reading