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Exciting News: Our Team Is Growing!

We are happy to announce the introduction of two new members to the Baltzersens team! Due to the overwhelming growth in business over the past few months, teamed with the arrival of baby Seth, Paul has come to the stark … Continue reading

Business Growth for the Future: 10,000 Small Businesses

A screenshot of the Goldman Sachs website

As Baltzersen’s becomes more established and our excellent team continue to take on more of the responsibilities for running the business on a daily basis, my own thoughts are turning to the future. Continue reading

Skills: What to Learn and What to Outsource

A mindmap showing learned skills and outsourced skills

Every entrepreneur thinks they know this but I will reiterate it: you cannot do everything yourself. Your ability to quickly learn new skills and be able to pass them on to your team is a fantastic asset and will serve you well in business. You can inspire and encourage your team and take the lead in developing them personally and professionally – they will appreciate it. Continue reading

Storytelling: A Weapon in Your Entrepreneurial Armoury

A black book with a Baltzersen's business card ont he front ready for storytelling

Something I learned when I was serving in the Army was that people in the Armed Forces tell great stories. I believe there are two specific reasons for this: Continue reading

Armed Forces Entrepreneur:Skills You Don’t Know You Have

Army and Cafe Uniforms

You are amongst the best people the Armed Forces can offer in your field/rank. I am talking top third or higher. I know this describes you because frankly if you were bottom or middle third you wouldn’t be reading online resources and doing research about starting your own business. Continue reading