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Sauda, Norway – a Baltzersen’s history lesson


In the northernmost region of the south-western county of Rogaland, Norway lies Sauda. Neither particularly famous nor infamous, there’s evidence of a society in this area dating back to the last ice age. Why do we care? Because Sauda was … Continue reading

The Locals’ guide to Harrogate – Yorkshire Produce

yorkshire produce

Let it be said that we do not encourage premature Christmas celebrations. It comes around once a year and that’s part of what makes it special, but it won’t remain so if we’re immersed in 4 months of over-eager advertisement. Having … Continue reading

Brown cheese, posing caviar and other adventures in Norwegian food

norwegian food

Rob recently completed the final part of his West Coast Chronicles, documenting his caffeinated adventures in Norway. However he felt that there were enough oddities falling outside of his journalistic jurisdiction of coffee to justify a follow-up post: Returning to … Continue reading

Anna’s Karelian Pasty – a Nordic answer to GBBO

Karelian pasty

Last week Mary-Jane took upon herself the post-GBBO challenge of making a princess cake befitting its name. She’s made us and a good portion of Harrogate very proud, and has thoroughly mastered the art of this majestic dessert. This week’s … Continue reading

A Fish Market For The Soul – The West Coast Chronicles pt VI

fish market

As far as coastal towns go, Bergen is notorious amongst Norwegians. Renowned for excessive amounts of rain, wind and other unforgiving weather conditions, it’s coastal location has for centuries made it a strong trade point for the fishing industry. During … Continue reading

A Declaration of Independent Coffee – The West Coast Chronicles pt V

independent coffee

I’d dropped enough pins on Google Maps to cover most of Bergen’s commercial district with spots, now I had to find a viable route. I thought I had made some pretty meticulous choices, but on my way to my first … Continue reading

Ostehøvel & a Nordic Sense of Practicality


Thor had a hammer, and was given thunder by Odin. Or something like that. Loki’s quite clever and Frøya is exceptionally pretty, we’ve heard. We mortals are blessed with the ostehøvel. Despite their idiosyncrasies, the Nordic peoples are a deceptively … Continue reading

Bergen Be Mine – West Coast Chronicles pt. IV

west coast

Fine, I hesitate to call this a ‘road trip,’ as Kennet and I were barely on the road long enough to experience Tool’s album ‘Lateralus’ in its entirety. I’m a sucker for the new electronic stuff myself, but when road … Continue reading

She played me like a record – The West Coast Chronicles pt. III


Sjokoladepiken (literally The Chocolate Girl) is without a doubt the girl of my dreams. She provides warmth, comfort and safety from rain and wind alike, melting my heart with excellent coffees, exquisite chocolate delicacies, and of course wine. Very important, … Continue reading

Cue Café Music – The West Coast Chronicles pt II


I dedicated my 1st full day back in Norway to spending time with one of my closest mates from Secondary School, Erlend, as he was leaving for university the next day. Together we must have hit most of the known … Continue reading