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Norway: a Cold Mistress – The West Coast Chronicles pt I


28 years ago a young couple from Southern California, named Mark and Eileen, decided that fresh squeezed orange juice, avocados in season all year round and idyllic sun shining on the Pacific Ocean simply didn’t cut it for them. They packed … Continue reading

Vafler: The Way to a Scandinavians Heart

No other dish epitomises the Norwegian hospitality and warmth more than these sweetheart-shaped pillows of delight. If there’s one tradition in that everyone agrees on in the land of the midnight sun, it’s Vafler. Usually enjoyed with coffee and a … Continue reading

Smørrebrød: A Brief History of the Topless Scandinavian

Introducing the Smørrebrød We received a mixed reception when we first began serving Smørrebrød in the Café. “Excuse me waiter, someone ate half my sandwich” “Are you trying to tell me I need to cut down on carbs?” “My meatballs … Continue reading

The Norwegian Committee of Coffee Enlightenment

Norwegian coffee

Besides endless pages of recipes, the Baltzersen’s now-famous recipe book has revealed a considerable amount of third-party material: mostly leaflets, flyers, and newspaper clippings. Most of them relate to recipes, cooking and ‘how to be a good housewife’ (different times, … Continue reading

The Baltzersens’ Centurial Recipe Book

recipe book

Baltzersen’s may be a young establishment in itself, however its legacy is already centurial. Paul’s grandmother enthused him with a passion for Scandinavian cooking and culture, and a childhood of memories and Sunday brunches has informed what we know today … Continue reading

Olsok: a Nordic celebration across beliefs and borders

Days of national celebration are a mixed bag in Norway. The biggest one is their Independence Day, taking place on the 17th of May. This marks Norway’s independence from Danish coalition that began in the 16th century, lasting until 1814. … Continue reading

In a word – Hygge

Cosy jumpers and candles in Baltzersen's Scandinavian cafe in Harrogate, an example of hygge

A good cup of coffee, brewed with care and love, can be the difference between a dreary or an exceptional day. The same goes for language: the words we choose and are prone to use can make us smile or … Continue reading