Collaborate with Baltzersen’s

Since March 2018, we’ve been running regular evening events in the cafe to offer our guests something a little different to what’s currently on the Harrogate restaurant scene. It started with our in-house chefs creating taco and ramen nights and moved into partnering with other Yorkshire-based chefs to create a series of food events exclusive to Baltzersen’s.

Guests chefs have cooked Korean, Syrian, and most recently a totally plant based menu, and we’re always on the look out for more talented chefs to collaborate with.

What we’re looking for

1.   Established Chefs.  Chefs already running their own business who are looking for venues to partner with. This could be street food traders, private/event caterers or private chefs.

2.  Prospective Chefs.  Chefs with experience who would like to trial a new offer they are thinking about turning into a business.

3.  Different Food.  We have found that the events that work best generally offer food that isn’t readily available in Harrogate. This could be cuisine from a country that isn’t available or perhaps a specific regional style of cooking from a country that is represented.

4.  Casual dining.  We’re interested in holding laid back events that fit in with the style of our cafe in terms of decor and also the general atmosphere of the cafe during the day. We like to keep the price point around the in the £20 mark, although we can work with you on this.

5.  An eye for presentation.  We want the food at these events to taste delicious but presentation is important too – ideally we’d like to make sure we are delivering both of these important elements to our guests.

“Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your help, it’s great that we’re sold out 1 month before the event! It’s definitely felt the most organised of our other pop ups.” – Annabel Cole, Plant Styles

What we can offer

1.  Our Space.  We have a single space that sits 40 people with an additional 18 capacity in the adjacent coffee shop. Our kitchen serves both spaces and we also have a bakery and prep kitchen downstairs.

2.  Access to Our Guests.  We serve a lot of guests on a daily and weekly basis in the cafe and we have been running regular evening events since March 2018. As well as this, we have an active and growing email list with significant reach locally and all of our events this year have been sold out.

3.  Marketing.  Our in-house social media manager works closely with chefs to create the necessary marketing materials and ensure the event is promoted effectively across the Baltzersen’s social channels. This makes sure both parties are involved and invested.  We have links with photographers who can take professional photographs for you or we can take some photos in our space with you.

4.  Admin Support.  We have found the best way to run our events is by ticketing. We run ticket sales via the Tock platform; it’s super-slick, cost-effective, attractive and gathers all the information we need to make events a success. It also gives a level of security for us and our guests because we hold the majority of the funds until the event has been delivered.

5.  Support from our FOH Team.  We have a FOH team in excess of 15 people who may be willing to volunteer to work on your behalf for the night. This means there are people that know the space, often know the guests, and know where everything is.

6.  Experience.  We’ve run a significant number of events in the space so we tend to know what does and doesn’t work.

7.  Mentoring.  If you don’t have a huge amount of experience we can work with you to help develop menus, tweak presentation, figure out how service will work and plenty more.

If you’re interested in collaborating and running a food event with us at Baltzersen’s, please fill out the form by clicking the button below and we’ll be in touch.