Delay in Tender Process – Lesson in Business

There are many things that can and will delay a project like Baltzersen’s and today was one of those days that leave you incredibly frustrated.  I called up my architect today as he should have had all of the quotes back from the tender process we embarked on for installing a new shop front and removing a light well in the shop.

When I reached him he told me that unfortunately he has still not sent the tenders out because the firm’s secretary has been off work for 3 weeks.  Cue extremely uncomfortable period of silence whilst I wait for him to say something else, for example:

  1. “Only joking, yes we have all the quotes in.”
  2. “But I do at least have one quote and I have contacted the contractors and because it’s a small project they will return quotes within a week.”
  3. “I’m really sorry, I have dropped the ball here, we don’t feel we can charge you the full amount due to the delays that you will now incur.”

As you can imagine, none of the above options were forthcoming.  I was astounded at the lack of understanding of the situation and the impact that delays of this length have.  In true British form I got so angry I decided to write a strongly worded letter, we are all a bit repressed but what else can you do?  It is too late to change architect, it will only end up costing more so I need to maintain a working relationship in the future.

If nothing else this is a lesson in business and dealing with other business people that it was probably best to learn at this relatively early stage.  In future I will not be trusting people to keep their word, I will instead be hounding and harassing them to get my work done.  It’s not the way I am used to working but I must adapt and overcome.  My Dad’s words of wisdom backed this idea up:

‘He who shouts loudest, gets his work done first.’

I will be shouting louder from here on in.


Edit:  In fairness to the architect he has subsequently delivered his work without charge and is tying up any loose ends with the work he has previously completed.  We have now parted company.

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