Designing the Interior

We are closing inch by inch on finally agreeing the lease for the café, it should be signed any day now.  In the meantime we have been thinking about the interior and how we would like it to look.

In January whilst trawling eBay looking for furniture we stumbled across a chair that was reminiscent of the shapes seen in Scandinavian design and purchased it.  We had seen some chairs recovered in coffee sacks and thought we might try to bring this into the design of the shop, to do this we got in touch with Heather Linnet from Eclectic Chair.

Scandinavian style chair to be re-covered in jute coffee sacks.

Jute coffee sacks to be used with the easy chair.

We have also been on the hunt for fabrics to cover other chairs and make cushion covers.  I have now got a good number of samples from two companies: Hus and Hem and the Swedish Fabric Company.  Hopefully we can make a choice and Heather can create some really interesting pieces for us.

Classic chair with simple lines that will become a very individual piece once the seat and back are re-covered.

Scandinavian designed fabrics

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2 Responses to Designing the Interior

  1. Rebecca Bishop says:

    Hi Paul,
    sounds like things are really coming on with your cafe interior since we came up and saw you! I too am looking for Scandinavian style fabrics and have looked at the ones you mentioned already – I am interested in 2 of the pictures you show above as I haven’t seen any shops selling the design – The blue fish one and the 2 blue ones front right and then slightly to the left of that one. Please would you be able to tell me where they are from?
    Also, in case you haven’t finalised your choice I came across some stuff I liked which had a Scandi look from a company called
    and also I have a pinterest account (tweetpastry) with various boards with design ideas for our place .I enjoyed looking at the pinterest links for great cafes from your blog :))
    Keep in touch
    best wishes

    • Paul says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      Things are moving along in fact they are further ahead than the blog suggests but we don’t want to reveal too much on there and spoil all our surprises!! Our coffee machine goes in tomorrow so that’s another step forward.

      We have chosen our fabrics, in fact the last of our chairs should arrive on Thursday from Heather our upholsterer. We went with some different ones to those on the blog entry in the end, here they are:

      With respect to the fabrics on the blog; the blue fish fabric is called ‘Sill’ and is an Almedahls fabric designed by Marianne Nilsson – if you are looking for it on the Swedish Fabric Co (SFC) website check under oilcloth, but you can get it in cotton too. This was my favourite but we felt the repeat on the pattern wasn’t going to work for our application. The other blue fabrics on the picture are Universum Blue(SFC), Bolijande Blue (SFC) and Spira Dagmar Blue(Hus and Hem).

      Great cafes is a really good blog isn’t it, he must enjoy his life touring around and consulting for cafes. I hope we will feature on there one day.

      I had a quick look on your pinterest boards and unsurprisingly there is a lot of stuff on there that is similar to our own – I will send you a mood board my designer did for us by e-mail so you can take a peek.

      Hope the legal wrangles over the lease are progressing and don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or e-mail if you want to talk about anything else, you need to de-brief me on your Peter’s Yard trip anyway.

      Speak soon


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