Drink like a Barista – 5 Reasons to Try our Batch Brew Coffee

We’ve had batch brew or filter coffee on the menu for ages now, but we think it’s an undervalued product and that we should be making more.  Before we go any further lets just be clear that batch brew/filter are pretty much interchangeable terms, we’ll use them as such in the rest of this blog.

Scandinavians drink gallons of filter coffee (it’s why they are always amongst the top countries for coffee consumption by volume) but here in the UK it is suffering from the abuses of the past.  It stirs memories of pots of coffee being brewed and left on heated pads for hours and hours on end, before delivering a cup that tastes like ash.

Batch brew and cake at Baltzersen's, Harrogate

We brew our filter on a Bunn machine straight into a super-efficient thermos that keeps it hot for hours without degradation in the quality.  We brew small amounts regularly, rather than one big pot, to keep it refreshed too.

For many of our team the batch brewer is a lifeline during a busy shift, a place they can grab a great tasting drink that is quick and easy.  Internally we drink a lot of batch brew, but we want you to try it too.

From this week we’re adding an additional option.  We know that when many guests order a filter coffee it’s often a drink they intend to enjoy with milk or cream.  Many are agnostic in terms of whether they have a filter or Americano but they want a coffee with all those classic ‘coffee’ flavours.  Our single origin coffees aren’t really designed for that so we’re going to start brewing filter coffee with our Baltzersen’s Blend as well as with the single origin.

So, if you’re an Americano drinker but think this filter option could work for you why don’t you give it a try when you next visit.  From 28th July – 5th August 18 we’re offering a regular ‘Baltzersen’s Blend’ filter for £2 or a large one for £3

We’ll also give you our 100% guarantee that you’ll enjoy your first cup – or we’ll replace it with an Americano free of charge*.

If you still aren’t convinced about filter here’s another 5 reasons to give it a try:

1. Filter coffee offers fantastic variety.  We operate a rotating programme of single origin coffees on the batch brew machine primarily those roasted by Maude Coffee Roasters over in Leeds.  The flavour profile of each is completely different based primarily on where they are grown, how they are grown, processing methods and roast style.  Our single origin coffees are best enjoyed black.

2. Filter coffee offers superior consistency.  Batch brewing has very few variables that change significantly and that means that as long as the coffee is roasted to profile and ground to the correct coarseness your coffee should taste the same each time.

3. Filter is great for talkers! If you find yourself talking away when meeting with friends or doing some work and forgetting your coffee is there then filter is a great option because when drunk black it tends to taste better as it cools.  Even once it’s gone cold we regularly find ourselves continuing to drink it, it’s still really good.

4. Filter is perfect in a rush.  Ok, we know what you’re thinking “quick to serve benefits the cafe but not the guests”.  We’d like to think of it as a win-win. If you’re in a rush or if you can see that the baristas have a lot of orders then it’s a good option, because the drink can be poured straight away by your server.

5. Filter is especially good value. If you choose our single origin coffee you can get the same size drink (vs Americano) at a cheaper price whilst drinking a coffee made from more expensive coffee beans.

So throw away those tired old stereotypes about filter coffee  When it’s done right it’s a great option alongside espresso-based drinks, manual pour over methods the rest of the options in the world of speciality coffee.  We look forward to serving you.

*This guarantee is offered at Baltzersen’s discretion.

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