Easter in Norway

Easter in Norway: Traditions

Easter in Norway is still a very prominent festival. Though many people are no longer religious, religious traditions are carried out none-the-less. The traditional colour which symbolises Easter in Norway is yellow.

Photo of an easter chick in baltzersen's scandinavian Cafe in Harrogate

Another important traditional symbol is the egg. At Easter in Norway, eggs are decorated, cooked and eaten in a number of different ways. A popular way to decorate eggs is to paint them. A small hole is then made in both the top and the bottom of the egg and the contents are blown out into a bowl. This egg is then used to make scrambled eggs, ensuring that nothing is wasted.

Photo of painted eggs in Scandinavian cafe Baltzersen's in Harrogate

Crime novels and programs are also very popular at Easter in Norway. It’s not exactly known why, but many television and radio shows create new crime dramas especially for Easter from channels such as Nordic Noir. For us at Baltzersen’s this gets us excited for the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival in July!


Easter in Norway: Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday in Norway there are many celebrations. First starting with breakfast. On the menu is eggs. Scrambled, poached, fried, whichever way you like them.

Then, like many countries across the world, children partake in an Easter egg hunt. Paper eggs are hidden across the garden filled chocolate and sweets for the children to find.

Photo of plastic and painted eggs in a basket for easter at Baltzersen's Scandinavian cafe in Harrogate

At Easter in Norway, it is also traditional to climb the mountains for the first time in the year. This walk often occurs around sunrise, but happens throughout the day. It is also the first skiing day of the year for many people.


Easter in Norway: Easter Tree

The Easter Tree is a decoration in both Norway and Sweden. In Norway, the trees (made from the branches of silver birch trees) are decorated with painted eggs like the ones mentioned before. While in Sweden, coloured feathers are attached to the branches.

Easter in Norway tree in the window of Baltzersen's Scandinavian cafe in Harrogate

Last year, here at Baltzersen’s we combined both Norwegian and Swedish traditions creating a tree with feathers and eggs. This year our tree is a little more low key with just a few Easter bunnies.

photo of 2017 easter tree for the easter in Norway blog on Baltzersen's website

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