Announcing FredagsTaco 2

The first FredagsTaco event has been and gone, and in all honesty it was a bit of a whirlwind!  It was really great to welcome so many people into the cafe on the evening, especially families, because we wanted to create something that would appeal to everyone.

As a team it was a little stressful at times,  but we really enjoyed the evening and you gave us lots of positive feedback and identified some areas that we could do better next time.

It was far from perfect so as we announce that the next event will be Friday 6th April  we wanted to also address some of the changes we’re going to make.

Kitchen Process

Now we have experienced the first service we have a much better idea of how to run service and how many people we’re going to need to do that.  This experience will also inform dish design.

You put away a considerable amount of chips and guac – Paul’s avocado mashing arm was pretty tired!  We wanted to prepare these as they were ordered so we could be sure the guacamole was super-fresh and didn’t discolour with exposure to oxygen (which happens pretty quickly).  We think this’ll just be a case of being prepared as the doors open and then staying on top of it.

You ate a total of 326 tacos during the event.  The beef taco was most popular, followed by haddock and prawn.  Anecdotally we’d say the beef taco was also the most enjoyed.

We’ve already drafted out the next menu, one taco will survive but the rest of them will be new.

We’re also going to make more desserts because Gemma’s cheesecake absolutely flew out and the vegan chocolate loaf was also very popular.


We underestimated how many cocktails you would drink in a big way – we’ll have more ingredients prepped and ready to go.  Zac, who worked the bar, is already researching new cocktails so we can expand the choice in that department a little.

The rest of the drinks menu will be back nut if you think we missed something then let us know and we’ll we if we can add that.


We’re not convinced that operating FredagsTaco in the same way as we do the cafe in the daytime is the right decision, so next time we’re going to offer table service. It’ll be bright, breezy and friendly service with the aim of minimising the number of people moving around in a busy space.

We think it’ll allow us to manage the whole service, ensuring that servers in each section will know what is happening on their tables and feeding information back to the kitchen. From a guest point of view, it also gives you more of a chance to sit back and relax, without having to get up to order at the till.


Queuing is no fun but if the next event proves popular then it’ll be unavoidable in some format for a number of guests.

Depending on the weather we’re looking at popping a gazebo up outside with some lights and possibly a fire to huddle around.

We’re also looking at a queuing system called ‘TablesReady’, once the cafe is full we’d take your name and number and add you to a queue, at which point you can head to the bar of your choice.  With Little Ale House, North Bar and Starling (or the Champagne Concept if you like fizz) all within 50m of our door it’d be silly not to make use of them.

You’ll get a text message telling you that you are in the queue and a weblink to view a live version of that queue so you can see where you are.  When your table is ready we’ll text you again, you can down your drinks and come and eat.

If you’d like to join us at FredagsTaco 2, and be kept up to date with menu announcements, head over to our Facebook event page here.

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