Get your hot drinks to takeaway from Baltzersen’s this November

We recently surveyed our guests and one of the things that came back to us as a result was that there is a section of people that find us to be expensive.  We can understand that.  We’d frame ourselves as being good value and we laid out a few of the reasons behind that in our blog post that introduced the 10 most popular ways you felt we could improve your experience at Baltzersen’s.

half price takeaway coffee baltzersens november

We aren’t just fobbing you off with reasons for our prices though.  We’re genuinely interested in finding ways that more people can enjoy the Baltzersen’s experience and of course it’s in our interest to do so because we are a business and we always want to grow.

Last month we spotted a post on instagram (we can’t find it the post, thank you and apologies to the person that wrote it) from an occasional guest who was thinking about where she gets her morning coffee.  She decided to visit us instead of McDonalds and enjoyed the experience, but did say that she winced a little at the price difference……and it got us thinking perhaps we could do something about that.

So, we’ve decided to run a trial offering hot drinks to takeaway for half price every morning in November (8am-10am).  You can order any drink at any size and we’ll discount it by 50% when you have it to takeaway.


We’ve got this idea on our minds about how we might be able to offer a similar promotion on a continuing basis in the future, but it’ll depend in some ways on how this test period pans out.

We’d love to see you in the cafe for your morning tea/coffee/hot chooclate fix and we’d appreciate if you can help to spread the word on our behalf.  It’d be great to introduce more people to our coffee and try to entice a few away from the usual suspects.

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