5 Reasons to Visit Baltzersen’s During the Green Party Conference

The Green Party Spring Conference is taking place this weekend from 26th-28th February at Harrogate International Centre. We would like to welcome all members of the Green Party to Baltzersen’s – here’s 5 reasons why you should come and visit us!

1. Independent

Baltzersen’s is an independently owned and run cafe.  We have helped create new jobs for locals in the area and as we continue to grow so does our team.

Photo of Baltzersen's t-shirt with caption 'it's better to support an independent than curse a chain'

We use local produce and create everything (apart from the bread) in house. Not only are we independent ourselves, but we also support other local independents.

2. Organic

We believe that organic is best, so we get all our milk, butter and cream from Acorn Diary. They are dairy farmers from just down the road in Darlington. They are really passionate about every aspect of their farms, resulting in such high quality, organic products.

Photo of a milk bottle from Acorn Dairy  organic farm at Baltzersens Scandinavian cafe in Harrogate

3. Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly

We offer vegetarian and vegan dishes. These include our vegan ‘lapskaus’ which is a Norwegian style, lentil-based stew, served with bread and optional butter. Another vegetarian dish we offer is our pickled beetroot and goat’s cheese open sandwich. All our sandwiches are served with potato and house salad. We also offer soya milk as an alternative to cow’s milk in our drinks.

Photo of vegetarian/vegan lentil based Norwegian stew at Baltzersen's Scandinavian cafe in Harrogate

4. ‘Follow the Leader’

Natalie Bennett has already visited us when she has previously been to Harrogate. We are looking forward to see her return to our town and the cafe!

Photo of Scandinavian cafe Baltzersen's in Harrogate

5. Sustainable Coffee

We source our espresso coffee from local roasters North Star. They make sure that all the farms where their coffee is produced are sustainable farms. This means they pay quite a high price for their beans to ensure everyone who works for the farm gets a fair wage. The farms they use fall “in line with International Labour Laws and with environmental considerations.”

Photo of bags of North star Baltzersen's blend coffee at baltzersens Scandinavian cafe in Harrogate

We source our filter coffee from Maude Coffee Roasters (another local, Leeds based roaster). They too set high ethical standard for themselves – “our goal with sourcing [coffee] is to develop strong relationships with the farmers that work so hard”.

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