Happy 9th Birthday to us!

Another year ticks by and Baltzersen’s is now 9 and barrelling its way towards double figures.

The last 18 months have been the most challenging we’ve faced in the time that the cafe has been open but, with the opening of Bakeri Baltzersen, it has also been the most rapid period of growth too.  This has posed lots of challenges and continues to do so.

There is always plenty going on so here’s a rundown of what we have coming up over the next few months.

Oct 21: Revised Menu

We completed a photoshoot today of some new dishes that will be hitting the menu from 12th October onwards.  You can look forward to some more Autumnal fayre and also a return to our roots with a longer open sandwich menu than in recent times.

Oct 21: Coffee Shop

Across many industries the hiring situation has been difficult in recent times.  We’ve expereinced this too and the coffee shop has been closed for the last few months as a result of us being short-staffed.  Now that the bad weather has closed in and Autumn is here we are hoping to have the coffee shop back open on a regular basis in the next week or two.  The coffee shop will offer the full menu as we do in the cafe.

Oct 21: Behind the Scenes Changes

We’re making some changes to our till software and other connected systems over the next month.  We hope this will make things a little more efficient in the shops and on the cafe floor.

One impact you may recognise is that we have to transition to a new loyalty system.  We’ll email out some details of this in the future, but existing points will be transferred so they aren’t lost.

We don’t make decisions to change fundamental systems like this all that often but, for various (boring) internal reasons, we feel the time is right to make a change.

Nov – Dec 21: Gingerbread

We have been discussing plans for gingerbread this year and have decided that we don’t feel that the events of the pre-COVID years are the way we’d like to go.  Instead we’ll be offering flat-packed gingerbreads kits that will be available to purchase from the bakery shops in both Harrogate and Wetherby.  Once they are available we’ll be shouting about it all over social media so you won’t miss it!

Jan 22: Cafe Refurb

We are considering an extended refurb period this January that may require us to close the cafe for a longer period of time than usual.  It will allow us to replace the flooring, make some cosmetic changes and remodel the counter area of the cafe to ensure it remains fit for purpose for the next nine years and beyond!  We’ll confirm dates nearer the time.


If there is one thing we do know it’s that we don’t have a business without you our guests and customers.  We’re really determined to make sure we focus in on making sure that we’re clear eyed about this and understand that it is absolutely at the core of what we do.

We also couldn’t do it without our team.  Everyone works hard in their role but as the business owner I would particularly like to thank those members of the team that I deal with most frequently who are heading up the different areas of the business and whom I lean on daily to keep the wheels of the business turning.

We’ve had some notable departures this year.  People who’ve given a good number of years to the company and who have been large figures in it’s development.  So, a huge thanks also to you, especially Rob and Emma who between them racked up 10+years in various roles at Baltzersen’s.

And Finally……..we know that we don’t always get things right.  Sometimes there are situations outside of our control that mean, despite our best efforts, we fall short of delivering the service or experience you expect.  If that happens I would ask you to speak to one of the senior members of the team or even let us know direct on info@baltzersens.co.uk.  On behalf of our team and the wider Harrogate hospitality scene I would ask for your continued support and understanding over the next few months when it is highly likely to remain a challenging work environment for all involved.

Have a hyggelig Autumn and Winter from everyone here at Baltzersen’s.


Paul and Katie Rawlinson

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3 Responses to Happy 9th Birthday to us!

  1. Ann Davis says:

    Hello Paul,
    We ‘d like to congratulate you and the team on reaching your 9th anniversary and to also say what a great role model and inspiration you are as a business owner. It has taken great fortitude, imagination and skill for you to navigate the last 18 months. These have been unprecedented times and we have been heartened and pleased to see how you have navigated the way forward for Baltzersens and the team in such a positive way. At times it must have felt like a very steep hill to climb and we know there will still be many challenges to face but we are confident you will lead your team to continued success. As always we wish you and the team all the very best. Ann & Paul

  2. Iris rawlings says:

    Just cannot believe that we are 9years older !!!
    We remember you opening the cafe and you decorating
    Thought you would like to know my daughter thinks the wetherby shop
    Is great our very best wishes to you,and all your lovely staff
    Look forward to the next step xxx
    Iris and Don Rawlings

  3. Paul Berwin says:

    Not.only has your enterprise been an inspiration for independent businesses, but the end result- brilliant food! – has been an enhancement not just to Harrogate, but also Leeds, Wetherby, Knaresborough and beyond. Love it all!

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