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Having recently closed for a week Paul gives a brief account of the work we’ve had done including recommendations for some of the independent tradesmen that carried out the work…….

It had been 2 years and 3 months since we first opened Baltzersen’s.  Since then we’d been open for 813 of the 822 that have elapsed.  We’d opened a restaurant (Norse) that meant on 5 days of the week we could be open for as long as 16 hrs.  We’d also changed the usage of various spaces along the way to cope with the new way we are using the building.

Put all of this together and we can safely say we were ready for a bit of a refurb and we decided to close from 19-23 January 2015.

Improvements installed by Stuart Charlton, one of the independent tradesmen.

New artwork from Øivind Hovland, shorter shelves and contemporary deer’s head.

The list of jobs started fairly small and then grew, and grew, and grew.  What Paul was hoping would be a relaxed week where he’d be able to spend a bit of extra time with the family inevitably turned into 12 hr days on site. The main effort was directing work and de-conflicting the various independent tradesmen that were all trying to get their bits done on time without getting in each other’s way too much.

Pictures of scandi baked goods by Olivia Heron, and installed by Stuart Charlton, one of the independent tradesmen.

Artwork: watercolours of our baked products by former member of staff Olivia Heron.

Finishing touches installed by Stuart Charlton, one of our independent tradesmen.

Finishing touches in the Ladies Toilets.

The companies we used were a mixture of local businesses from Harrogate (often customers) and a few from slightly further afield like Leeds and Newcastle.  We know how hard it can be to find dependable and trustworthy local tradesmen, so we’ve given you a run-down of the people we used and can whole heartedly recommend:

Independent Tradesmen: Charlton Interiors, Harrogate – Stuart Charlton

Stuart is a joiner/handyman who can turn his hand to pretty much anything and as such he had the longest list of jobs.  Although he joined the ranks of independent tradesmen relatively recently he has plenty of experience.  All sorts of niff-naff was completed to an excellent standard with a smile on his face.  His main project was the shelving behind our counter and altering the shelves at the rear of the cafe.

New shelves behind the counter installed by one of the independent tradesmen - Stuart Charlton, Charlton Interiors.

Stuart has done work for Baltzersen’s in the past (he installed our wooden shelves/bar at the front of the shop) and has also recently completed projects on Commercial Street at Bean and Bud as well as Stothard Pet Store.  He has also carried outa project at Paul’s house installing a built-in wardrobe and shelving.

You can see a few examples of his work on Stuart’s Facebook page or get in touch on 01423-526-872

Independent Tradesmen: Taylor’s Professional Tiling, Harrogate – Sean Taylor

Sean is a regular customer at Baltzersen’s and a man who likes, or at least is willing to take on, a challenge.  He has previously completed a very difficult bit of floor tiling at the rear of the cafe that involved tight work, constant interruptions and working out of hours to get the job done whilst chefs weren’t around.  It was difficult but he got the job done and as a glutton for punishment he agreed to retrofit our toilets and a couple of other areas with tiles.

Sean Taylor, one of the independent tradesmen, grouting tiles in the toilets.

Sean provided the adhesives, grout and trim at a fair price by taking advantage of his professional discount, and delivered his element of the project (albeit slightly late due to illness!).

Sean carries out all kinds of tiling and can be contacted on 07976-951-718.

Independent Tradesmen: A H J Gas, Huddersfield – Mark Hampshaw

As a subcontractor Mark was one of the independent tradesmen who installed our plumbing during the initial Baltzersen’s shopfit.  He has since plumbed in our ice machine, various extra sinks and completed all our annual services (as well as installing a new boiler in Paul’s house).  He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy but he does a great job and he’s in and out in a flash.  This time around he only disconnected and reconnected some of the porcelain ware and pipes but we’ll be using him again for sure.

Mark is Leeds based but does lots of work in Harrogate and you can give him a call on 07815-145-478.

Independent Tradesmen: Douglas Kaye Painting and Decorating, Harrogate – Douglas Kaye

Douglas has 30 years in the painting and decorating game, a long stint compared to many independent tradesmen.  He was recommended to Paul by his brother-in-law and then did work at Paul’s house prior to the arrival of Seth.

During the refurbishment Doug carried out a full repaint of walls and ceilings as well as preparing and twice coating all of the woodwork.  Paul threw in a couple of extra jobs like priming and painting the new shelves and these were carried out without question at no extra cost.  Doug was probably the most interrupted of all the tradesmen but he worked around people and got the job done in time and we aren’t aware of any issues with paint on customers.

Doug is happy to do commercial or domestic work and can be contacted on 07900-961-841.




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