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Over the last couple of weeks, the Harrogate Advertiser have been helping us a long with our #ThinkIndie campaign. Urging locals and visitors alike to shop in Harrogate’s amazing range of independent shops, cafés and restaurants. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to recap what we have done so far in promoting independents in Harrogate and what the future has to bring.

Back in September 2014 we wrote our first Locals’ Guide to Harrogate. We set up this series of blog posts to spread the word of the great independents in Harrogate. To start with we stuck to what we know –  The Locals’ Guide to Independent Coffee Shops.


Even though this first blog post was first published at the very beginning of September 2014, it is still as true now as it was back then. Bean and Bud, Hoxton North and LMDC are our top recommendations for coffee in Harrogate. Each of these indies produce a top quality cuppa and have a range of sweet treats to accompany.


Our next Locals’ Guide focuses on the the great independent pubs of Harrogate. We recently updated this blog post as since it was first written North Bar Harrogate and 10 Devonshire Place opened their doors.

photo of the outside of 10 Devonshire place an independent bar in harrogate

These two new additions and the other pubs which were included (Major Tom’s Social, The Old Bell and The Harrogate Tap) in the original blog post all offer a great range of different beers, wines and spirits, often sourced from micro breweries and local, independent retailers.

Photo of the bar at our/bar Major Tom's Social in Harrogate

We next looked at Harrogate’s independent family restaurants. Here we included Deano’s, The Yorkshire Meatball Co. and Runamocha.

family restaurants

All three of these establishments serve something for all the family on their menus and are still very popular!

family restaurants

Our net two Locals’ Guides were on independent wine and beer retailers and also independents where you will find great Yorkshire produce. An alcohol retailer we suggested was Beer Hawk. We purchase some of our unusual beers from here as they always have a great selection on offer.

wine and beer retail

As for places to get great Yorkshire produce, we suggested Addyman’s butchers and The Cheeseboard on Commercial Street and Leng’s Grocers on Cold Bath Road. In all three you will be able to find the best produce Yorkshire has to offer!

yorkshire produce

Our next Guide was stepping more out our comfort zone of food and drink, to men’s fashion. Harrogate is often known for it’s boutique shops and we couldn’t not include some of these in our Locals’ Guides.

men's fashion

We suggested Porters, Mr Smithers, The House and Rhodes Wood.

men's fashion

Some of our more recent Guides explain the best independent gift shops such as Sophie Likes.

Sophie Likes 1

We’ve also more recently added a list of fine-dining restaurants, some old (Van Zellers) and some new (such as Restaurant 92 and Wild), including Norse, which is our evening service.

Photo of a venison dish from Scandinavian inspired restaurant Norse in Harrogate

Though our two most recent Locals’ Guide’s are Easter themed, the independents (such as Fit Harrogate) we promote are open all year providing not only great goods at Easter, but all year round.

Fitness and exercise clothing in Harrogate

We will be carrying on our quest to promote independents in Harrogate (with blogs coming up on the best places for brunch and also lunch on the go). We would love to hear your suggestions on what independents in Harrogate you would like to see on our blog, let us know in the comments below!

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