Indie food in Harrogate – a Baltzersen’s summary

As we’ve mentioned before, the amount of independent business in Harrogate is staggering; partly as a result of the wealthy micro-economy, but also in large part due to the abundant history, legacy and culture of local, community and family-driven business.

independents in harrogate

Also just because, you know; indies are awesome

The café and food service industry is no different – indie food in Harrogate is a network panning businesses, individual chefs and producers, a wide range of farmers, brewers, roasters, distillers and producers. Expanding a profit margin isn’t as important as finding common grounds to form relationships with other businesses. Fortunately, independent business encourages a certain kind of approach, particularly in the indie food scene. Rather than competing, we’ve had great success with simply conversating and exchanging knowledge, insights, contacts and even the odd customer demographic with other businesses of a variety of natures.

Indie food in Harrogate is in a constant rotation of fresh ideas meeting established methods and practices, utilising the best of local resources and produce. “Locally sourced” has gone from a brag to something we rather expect from any establishment claiming certain qualities. Sourcing locally has many benefits, beyond the obvious contribution to the local economy and community – shorter transport distances and smaller productions allow fresher produce with more attention to individual quality. This also goes a long way to keeping the indie food in Harrogate seasonal; following nature’s cyclical course allows for more evolution in menus, as well as making the food a more seasonally appropriate experience.

The local’s guide to Harrogate:

indie food in harrogate

A while back we decided that as an independent business in Harrogate, we could make an extra effort to engage with and promote some of the businesses that have directly or indirectly supported our adventurous start in indie food in Harrogate. Starting as a simple guide to our favourite fellow indie coffee shops, we quickly realised there was potential far beyond immediate services similar to ours.

Since then, we’ve compiled a guide to dozens of independent businesses in Harrogate; their nature ranging from ready-made food, preservatives, imported (& local) beers, menswear, sweets and more. Some of them are brand-new on the block, others are centurial local legacies. We thoroughly recommend seeing every last one of them; there’s bound to be something of interest for all.

indie food in harrogate

From a fond visit to Harrogate Fine Wine Company

We feel compelled to reiterate these guides, as with the Christmas season comes extravagant commerce, and we like to see as much of that energy (and money, of course) go to local businesses, who help facilitate our community and economy day in and day out. These shops cover gift options on a wide spectrum, and what they don’t have is made up for in quality and personality. So ditch the chain-store gift card and go personal this Christmas with something local.

Or a DIY home-made thing; we can get behind that, too.


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