Introducing: Bakeri Baltzersen

Ever since we opened Baltzersen’s, just over 6 years ago, we’ve baked everything we sell from scratch right here at our cafe in Harrogate. Our bakery, located underneath the cafe, is where all of our pastries and cakes are created, and our bakers work 7 days a week to make sure we always have a full cake fridge and fresh pastries every day, including our famous cinnamon buns.

We also offer bespoke cakes baked from scratch by our Head Baker, Gem. But, until now, the process of ordering a bespoke cake from us has been more time-consuming than we’d like. We wanted to streamline the process and make ordering a cake easier for both our guests and for ourselves as well.

So we’d like to officially introduce our brand new cake ordering website, Bakeri Baltzersen.

Bakeri Baltzersen Logo

Introducing Bakeri Baltzersen

From now on, if guests would like to order cakes from us they can do it quickly and easily through this new website, whether it’s pastries for a fika with friends, indulgent traybakes at an event or a bespoke cake for a celebration, Bakeri Baltzersen can help.

The site can be reached by clicking ‘Cake Orders’ in the menu on the left hand side of this site or going to

We’re lucky to have a team of hugely talented bakers and Gem, Head Baker, has made some beautifully-decorated cakes recently for some of our guest’s birthday celebrations.

Bakeri Baltzersen bespoke cake Harrogate

We’re offering a range of cakes for every situation, whether you’re keeping it simple with our incredibly popular sticky ginger cake or ordering a colourful mascarpone cake decorated with flowers and a personal message. All our cakes have a lead time of 7 days, so we’d ask that you plan ahead if you are interested in ordering with us.

Pastries are also available to order by the dozen. These include cinnamon buns, cheese swirls, skolebrod, lemon and poppy seed knots, and sultanabollers.

Bakeri Baltzersen skolebrod

Our products aren’t designed for the post so you’ll be asked at the checkout to let us know when you’d like to come and pick up your order from our cafe in Harrogate.

As well as cakes and pastries, we’re also selling the tea we use every day in the cafe. We’ll be adding coffee and bread soon too.

The most exciting new product we’re going to be adding to the Bakeri Baltzersen website is still being tested in our bakery but you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready. This product will also be available in our cafe and coffee shop so you’ll be able to enjoy it with a cup of your favourite tea or coffee.

We’re proud to have such a supportive and engaged community around the cafe and your feedback is incredibly important to us, so do let us know what you think over on our Facebook page, Twitter, or on Instagram. Alternatively, you’re welcome to email us on

We’ve also set up new social accounts for Bakeri Baltzersen in case you want to follow us there:




Huge thank you to Alex and Ellie at Oslo Agency for designing the Bakeri Baltzersen logo.

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