Can You Help a Baltzersen’s Guest With Their Master’s?

One thing we’re really proud of at Baltzersen’s is the community we’ve built around the cafe. Over the past five years we’ve got to know some of guests well and we love catching up with our regulars, whether you’re popping in for a takeaway coffee or sitting in for lunch.

One of our guests, Joanne Parkes, contacted us recently to ask for our help. Joanne’s currently studying a Master’s in International Marketing at York St. John University and, as part of her dissertation, she’s decided to conduct some research into the impact of digital marketing on independent cafes like ours.

The survey Joanne has put together aims to establish how people interact with independent cafes online, and how cafes like Baltzersen’s use social media to engage with and built a community.

Joanne initially found us through social media after her friend posted a photo so to be honest we’re as keen to help out with her survey as we are to see the findings!

If you’d like to help Joanne out with her Master’s, you can find her survey here:

It doesn’t take very long at all to complete, and we know she’d be thrilled to hear your thoughts.

After Joanne got in touch, we decided to do a little research of our own! Read on for a short interview where we find out what inspired her to study International Marketing and why she’s a fan of Baltzersen’s.

Why did you decide to study International Marketing?

I completed an undergraduate degree in business management at York St John University where I undertook several modules surrounding marketing. I loved how marketing was such a fundamental area for business and how there were so many areas within marketing.

After gaining a 1st Class honours degree in Business Management at undergraduate level; I had the privilege of gaining a scholarship to do my postgraduate. When deciding what postgraduate degree, I wanted to do, I knew I wanted it to be around marketing because I was extremely fascinated by the importance of the area. When I saw that they did an MSc in International marketing, I knew this degree would be perfect for me because from my undergraduate degree I learnt the importance of international brands and that both export and import is hugely significant for the success of Britain.

Why are you particularly interested in e-word of mouth/social media marketing, and why independent cafes specifically?

Throughout my degree I worked part time at Wheldrakes café in York, where I got the opportunity to be a supervisor. From a first-hand experience I saw the importance of e-word of mouth with many of our customers visiting us because of the reviews on TripAdvisor. After more and more customers suggested that they found us on TripAdvisor, I wanted to find out if it was the same with other cafes.

When visiting cafes, myself I find myself looking at TripAdvisor and other social media account to find unique places with good food and excellent service. I always try to find independent cafes because I feel that these places seem to go the extra mile for customers and their food is a lot fresher and baked in house.

One of the reasons I have investigated independent cafes specifically is because from my experience many of these cafes run on a low marketing budget so rely on social media to promote their business. Therefore, I want to put this to the test and see exactly what impact e-word of mouth has on independent cafes. Through looking from the customer and the managers perspective I want to get a wider view to find out if there is similarities and differences.

What do you hope to conclude from your research?

From my findings I hope to find out the extent of e-word of mouth and see how much role it really plays on the decision-making process of customers looking for independent cafes. I also want to see if customer have different opinions about e-word of mouth to the manager of the organisation and if it has any negative effect on the business.

What did you like about Baltzersen’s when you visited us?

I have visited Baltzersen’s a few times when I have been after a good coffee and somewhere to socialise with friends. The flat whites you sell are lovely, although like many flat whites they never quite last long enough but that my own fault for ordering a flat white! The uniqueness of your ingredients and bringing in healthy options is also great to see. Although maybe not healthy but still delicious are your waffles, which I usually share as they are very big.


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