Jubilee Weekend in Harrogate

There was a lot of talk on Twitter in the lead up to the Jubilee weekend about the effort (or lack of effort) that Harrogate Borough Council put into the decoration of the town.  I have to say that I feel some sympathy for the council in that they were on to a loser from the start.  I have no doubt that had they invested a significant amount of money on the decorations people would have been queuing up to slam the council for wasting money in a time of austerity.  The sole nod to the occasion was the newly christened Diamond Jubilee roundabout – something that will split opinion.

The lack of publicly funded décor meant it was left to the businesses within Harrogate to take up the slack.  Big business on the high street didn’t seem too interested, presumably because they are less agile and find it harder to fit their product line into a display or perhaps they are waiting for the Olympics.  One exception was Cath Kidston.

Independents were leading the way, here are some that stood out:

Remnant House on Commercial Street

James Brindley on James Street

Tailors Rhodes~Wood with a classic interpretation of a Jubilee window display.

The stray played host to the Northern StrEats a street food collective that offered a diverse collection of foods offered from mobile catering units.

Harrogate based Lulabelles

Psychedelic food from the Food Shack

Leeds based beach shack styled Fish and Chips

Fresh stone-baked pizza from Pizza Pod

I was away at a wedding at the back of the weekend so I missed Weetons’ Ox roasting but I am sure it will have been excellent.

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