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I thought that after ushering in 2012 in a quiet way with my wife, my brother-in-law (John) and his wife (Erika) I should write my first proper blog entry – it’s going to be a busy year.

So….where are we?  Well Katie and I are now settled in our new flat in Harrogate, a planning application has been submitted and solicitors have been engaged to deal with the lease agreement for the shop.

The chosen venue for taking the plunge is a former party shop at 22 Oxford Street.  It’s a great location just off the high street and on the same street as; independent retailers Jespers and Duttons for Buttons, larger retailers including Marks and Spencer and Argos as well as the Harrogate Theatre.  Here is a photo of the shop as it looked in the summer when I first enquired about it.

22 Oxford Street, Harrogate - Where the magic is going to happen.....

The new year brings with it an endless list of things that we need to do to turn this dream into a reality and we hope you will be interested in reading about it as we go along!

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2 Responses to Location Location Location

  1. Dawn hickie says:

    Rawley and katie! It’s dawn here,ro’s old flatmate. Just wanted to say congratulations! This is amazingly exciting. I love the branding and I will def be coming for a taste out once you’re up and running. I love fish and cold, purple soup! Good luck!x

    • Paul says:

      Hi Dawn,

      You’ll all be very welcome to come and visit once we’re open. I can’t give you any cold purple soup (a bit more Russian) but we will have some cured fish for you! Hope to see the three of you soon.


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