Marketing Podcasts: Tips for Small Business Owners

Welcome to the Baltzersen’s blog, this is Paul and I am going to write today about online marketing podcasts.

Sales growth in the cafe has started to slow recently as we approach a natural level for a business of our size that has been growing organically.  I have big plans for Baltzersen’s over the long-term so settling down and accepting this situation is not something I’m happy with .  I have decided to:

1.  Be more proactive in marketing to a wider audience

2.  Engage with existing customers who have always been keen to interact with us online.

At Baltzersen’s I believe in modelling the best, especially in areas where we lack experience.  I have all kinds of books and videos to use as reference material to try and make us better at what we do.  In order to cram more information into my brain during a busy week I decided to use podcast as a medium for exploring the world of marketing.  Unsurprisingly there are quite a few options available out there on iTunes.

I have given a brief resume of 5 of the podcasts to which I have listened below but some learning points from the podcast experience before I go into the specifics:

1.  If you are an experienced marketer that works primarily with ‘bricks and mortar style’ small businesses there is a huge gap in the podcast market for you to exploit.  Most of the podcasts I have found are recorded by online service providers and are aimed at their target audience – people who are setting up service based online businesses.  This means that  the bricks and mortar business owner will have to pick over a lot of the content taking what is useful and discarding what is not.  Listening hard and trying to interpret the advice and strategies to fit your own business forces you to concentrate but it doesn’t make life easy.

2.  The content, by it’s very nature, makes you more aware of the tools and strategies the podcast authors are using to generate their own incomes.  This is not a problem but something to be aware of and accept.

3.  As you listen to more podcasts you become familiar with who the big names in online marketing are.  With familiarity there is also a slight uneasy feeling that these podcasts are a bit of a merry-go-round where everyone interviews everyone else for their mutual benefit and everyone talks each other up.

Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield’s podcast series ‘Online Marketing Made Easy’ is my top recommendation for someone who is planning or just beginning to market their business online.  Amy is incredibly concise and provides detailed instructions on how to implement many of her suggestions.  She is essentially giving away really useful content and this is an exception rather than the norm.  Amy podcasts primarily on her own so she is talking from her experience rather than relying on someone else to provide the substance on whatever topic she is discussing.

Amy is a Facebook expert so unsurprisingly I would particularly recommend her 3 part mini-series (episode 6-8) on using Facebook.  She introduces some really small things you can do that should help to give your page a lift.

If you would like to learn more about Amy you can check her website out here; but be warned it has a huge amount of useful curated information and you may end up spending a lot of time on there!

Small Business Big Marketing – Tim Reid

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 16.31.50

Tim Reid is an Australian marketer and his ‘Small Business Big Marketing’ podcast is a fun way to spend 30-40mins every week.  The format is interview based with a different guest each week and Tim asking questions around their expertise.  It is not as easy to get easy small tips from this podcast but they are in there and if you check out the show notes (available at Tim’s website) they become a lot clearer.

There are 136 episodes of ‘Small business Big Marketing’ to date so I would go to the website and select the topics in which you are most interested to get started.  Flicking through the episodes to write this post I have already found a few more that I will listen to in the near future.

Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is one of the huge names in online marketing.  His website and content is aimed at online businesses, particularly in the service sector, but this is no barrier to using  the content within a more traditional bricks and mortar business when interacting online.

The content here is significantly more in-depth, technical and online focused than any of the other podcasts in this list.  You will need to be selective when choosing which episodes of the podcast to listen to as some, whilst interesting, will not be particularly useful for beginners (a bracket in which I include myself).

It is worth checking out Pat’s website if nothing else to read his monthly income report which is staggering.  My next business will be online and service based judging by his figures!!

New Business Podcast – Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker is a British outsourcing expert based in the Philippines.  His backstory about changing his mindset whilst working within his own business to  allow him to focus on business development is very interesting for small business owners.  If you are quite progressive in your attitude to using the internet and have a lot of online work then perhaps using his site to find a virtual assistant may be of help.

His ‘New Business Podcast’ is still in it’s infancy and whilst he attracts some big names (Pat Flynn and Amy Porterfield are two) you are left with the feeling that this is very much the curation of other people’s content.  It does however direct you to who the biggest names in the industry are and further investigation of his interviewees’ content would be very useful.

The Small Business Marketing Report 

The Small Business Marketing Report is hosted by UK based  marketers Robert Tyson and Sean Clark.  This podcast is aimed at people who have little or no understanding of online marketing.  I found it to be too basic for me, but then I came to it quite late after listening to much of the content from the podcasts above.  The podcast is generally informative rather than a motivating experience filled with lots of small actionable tips.


This was a lengthy blog post so if you made it to here then well done!

The product of all this learning is what I would call a long list of next steps, and others would perhaps call a marketing strategy.  I am in the process of putting this into motion – in fact this very blog post is part of the strategy.

If you have found this post interesting why not add a comment below, especially if it has thrown up any questions.  If you would like me to go into more detail over future blog posts about what strategy I devised off the back of this learning then comment and let me know.


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