Menu Revamp: Some changes are on the way…….

Baltzersen’s owner Paul has been attending a business growth course funded by Goldman Sachs called ‘10,000 Small Businesses’.  The course is a programme of learning and development funded by the Goldman Sachs foundation and delivered by Leeds University Business School.  It takes place at the Shine business centre in Harehills – a social enterprise company delivering positive impact in the local community but also a great venue for meetings or seminars.

The process of analysing your business across many areas means you end up with a list as long as your arm of things you should/could be doing.

One thing we have been planning to do for a while is move closer towards a more authentic Scandinavian experience.  This will also help us close the gap between the restaurant and café service.

The Menu

Anna and the café team, with a bit of assistance from Executive Chef Murray Wilson, have designed a menu that includes modern interpretations of classic smørbrød – Norwegian open faced sandwiches.   The sandwiches will be served on 100% rye bread and will be smaller to allow the selection of two or three toppings.  Potato salad will still be available as an extra.


Sandwich examples from the new lunch menu at Baltzersen's

A couple of examples of the new style of sandwich in development.

As a new Father I suppose I am already a bit more child conscious so for kids we’ll offer a meal deal that will include some simpler closed sandwiches, vegetable sticks and a drink.  Clearly kids are very welcome to eat from the main menu too.

Koldtbords will be reduced into a single board that includes meat, fish and cheese.  It will continue to be served with our homemade breads.

We’ll also add a couple more hot breakfast options including a bacon dish.

In Spring and Summer we will have changing salads that will include some great ingredients that haven’t featured on our menus before.

During the Autumn and Winter we will look to offer a hot option such as meatballs and potato or Lapskaus (stew) with bread.

Why are we doing this?

Our menu has developed fairly organically responding to demand from you, our customers. As we have become busier our kitchen has tried to keep up, but with limited space we are struggling to deliver food to the table in an acceptable timeframe.

This new menu is something we will be able to serve much quicker but at the same time we think it will be prettier, tastier, more interesting and changing regularly.

The ability to order a sandwich to takeaway and have it prepared almost immediately should allow more people to enjoy food out in the good weather or back at the office.

If you would like to download a first draft of the new menu you can do so here.

In Conclusion

We have enjoyed serving you for the 20 months since we have opened, and we are hoping that you trust us enough to give this new menu a try.

We are really hoping that most people will enjoy it.  We have had some comments cards printed so that we can try and gather some feedback about the changes so do give us your honest opinion.

We think this is the start of a new positive development phase for Baltzersen’s, hopefully you will too!

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