Mexican Food in Harrogate at FredagsTaco, Baltzersen’s

We are sure there are many of you that haven’t heard that Baltzersen’s do a taco night called ‘FredagsTaco’ on the first Friday of every month. Where have you been?!

“Tacos?” we hear you say, “but they’re Mexican, what possible connection can there be with Scandinavia?”.

We’re glad you asked! Not a lot of people know this, but Norway and Sweden eat more tacos per capita than any country in Europe. In fact, getting together with friends and family to eat Mexican food is a Friday night tradition there. You can read more here in our previous blog post that introduces the idea for Fredagsmys and how we have created an event out of it. Tacos are a thing, and we’re making the most of the opportunity to explore our creative sides.

Mexican Food in Harrogate at Baltzersen’s

The first event was a great success, in fact we were a little overwhelmed by the response as the cafe went from empty at 5:58 to full by 6:05pm. It was more than a little stressful for the team working the floor and in the kitchen but the feedback was great and lots of you enjoyed yourselves.

Our second edition of FredagsTaco was a much more relaxed affair as some guests arrived early but it was much more of a steady flow than the stampede of the first event.

We switched from our usual counter service to table service and that seemed to suit guests. We’re sure that after a first try the team will also find it easier next time – it’s hard to break the habits of the day shift!

We changed most of the tacos this time around and without doubt the star of the show was the soft shell crab with chipotle aioli. It sold out during the evening, leaving the rest of the competition in its wake. The beef shin taco with Mexican slaw and sour cream, which was a huge hit at our first FredagsTaco back in February, returned and was again very successful. With this in mind we’ve decided that we’ll have both of those options available at the next FredagsTaco in May, with 4 new tacos to complement them.

One big thing we learnt was that you like cocktails……a lot! Both times we’ve run out of ingredients mid-service and had to run around like crazy trying to find replacements to keep the alcohol flowing! The classic margarita was incredibly popular, so much so we’ve decided to bring it back for the next event. We’re also going to add a third cocktail option.

We’re about to head into a warm snap and if that extends to 4th May then we’re also hopeful that some of you may take the chance to enjoy a beer or a cocktail outside under our gazebo. We popped it up outside the cafe and strung some lights around for FredagsTaco 2 and the effect was lovely.

We think that’s about all we need to report other than we have some really exciting ideas for tacos that we’re going to be trialling this week. You’ll see some more photos ahead of the event this time as we’ve got a session with a photographer booked in for Monday.

We’ve launched the next event page on Facebook here so if you’re interested in joining us on 4th May for FredagsTaco 3 from 6pm then you can click to attend or register your interest and you’ll stay up to date about the menu and drinks list in advance of the evening.

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