North Bar Harrogate Opening

On Thursday last week we were lucky enough to be invited to the opening night of North Bar Harrogate, so Paul, Niall and I went to take a look. The long awaited arrival of this bar didn’t disappoint.

Photo of Paul (owner of Baltzersens, Scandinavian Cafe in Harrogate) and Niall at North Bar Harrogate opening night

Niall and Paul happy about the opening of North Bar Harrogate.

We arrived around half an hour after the doors opened at seven. A coach load (literally) of staff and regulars from the Leeds branch had just been dropped off, so the place was already packed.

Through the doors (mind the step) we were greeted with a voucher card for a beer – Sputnik, a session IPA or Prototype a pale ale, both from North Brewing Co. – or a glass of sparkling wine.

Photo of the very busy bar at North Bar Harrogate on the opening night

A very busy bar opening night.

From the sheer amount of people there, it was clear that North Bar already have a strong following which is only going to expand now they have a branch in Harrogate. The Leeds bar has been open for 19 years now and is very well established amongst all those interested in beer – they were the first to have Brooklyn on tap!

The aim of North Bar Harrogate is to attract a wide age range of people throughout the day. Though they will soon have a bar fridge boasting around 100 different bottled beers, alcohol is not their only concern. Coffee and sandwiches will be available throughout the day to all (including dogs and children).

Photo of the bar at North Bar in Harrogate on their first day open to the public

North Bar Harrogate – first day open to the public.

Amongst the crowds we found Ruth and Hayden of Bean and Bud, as well as faces from some of our favourite indies from around Harrogate. After having a chat with Christian (one of the minds behind bringing North Bar to Harrogate) it was no surprise to find out that he supports local independents too. He explained that they are using local suppliers where they can, for example the coffee is from Dark Woods in Huddersfield and the newspapers from AR News, which is just round the corner.

Photo of Ruth and Hayden from Harrogate's Bean and Bud at the opening night of new bar North Bar Harrogate

Harrogate independent royalty – Hayden and Ruth of Bean and Bud.

It was clear from the vibe of excitement that North Bar Harrogate is going to prove popular in the future, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing quite a few familiar faces in there too. We’re always supporters of more independents in Harrogate.




Written by Helen Tennant

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