October FredagsRamen: The Aftermath!

Our first FredagsRamen took place in the cafe a few weeks ago now, and while we’ve been a little busy doing up the new coffee shop we’re opening in Harrogate and planning the next FredagsRamen on 30th November, we thought it was about time we wrote about how it went and reviewed all the feedback we received.

October FredagsRamen: The Aftermath!

FredagsRamen at Baltzersen's

Never did we think that we’d have a queue of 40 people waiting to get into FredagsRamen at 6pm on 26th October.  We put events like this on for a few reasons, that includes giving interesting projects to the team, being able to invite you into our space for a slightly different experience and hopefully at the end of it all to do something that makes people happy.

Despite a lot of work going into making FredagsRamen happen and us talking a lot about it across our social channels and in the cafe, it’s always difficult to tell how these “pop up” events are going to play out.

The team’s hard work paid off though and we’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came to our first ramen night. The cafe was full from 6pm when we opened the doors until just after 9pm when we stopped serving, the overall feedback we’ve had on the ramen itself is excellent, and we’re really pleased that you all seemed to enjoy the evening.

I would like to thank all of the team who put a huge amount of effort into the evening to help make it such a success.  Chef Martin headed things up on the food front, the whole front of house team that evening did a great job and were supported by Beverley on the marketing and room dressing front.  We enjoyed it and we hope you did too.

Inevitably not everything goes exactly to plan and we’ve had some good feedback already.


Even before the event started a few people had called us on on the dietary front.  We’re usually pretty good at handling this and making sure the food we offer is suitable for all dietary requirements, but we didn’t do a great job on this occasion.  We had the vegans covered with a delicious, creamy vegan broth, but the coeliacs were left behind.  Next time we’ll aim to do a better job with that, we just need to have a discussion about the mechanics of it.


A couple of days after FredagsRamen, we reached out to our follows on social media to get some feedback. The team over at Barber and Mack felt they could bump their score up to 12/10 if we had some starters or sides on offer.  These will also be available next time, sometimes it’s good to start a little easier and work your way up but we feel this is achievable for the next FredagsRamen.  We’ve been talking about gyoza and bao buns so watch this space.


We never know how busy this kind of thing is going to be, but we’re hoping there will be enough interest to make it just as busy next time around on 30th November. We don’t want to start taking bookings because it’s for one night only and that’s a massive hassle.  So, we think we’re going to go with a queue management system.  Here’s roughly how it’ll work:

  1.  In the run up to 6pm we’ll have someone taking names and assigning tables.
  2.  Once the restaurant is full we’ll add you to the queue.  You’ll get a text saying you’ve been added which includes a live link to the queue.
  3. We’ll also put a link on the website that allows you to join the queue.
  4. As tables become available we’ll text you to let you know your table is ready.

Other New Additions

The lemon and green tea cheesecake we offered at the first ramen night was a big hit, but this time we’re going to supe up the desserts as well as offer a different bar snack to nibble on. The cocktails were popular too, so we’ll be changing one or both of those next time. We’re also going to need to order some more white wine (you drank it all!) and we’re looking into some new soft drinks too.


We’re in discussion about the changes to the ramen themselves but we’re fairly confident we’ll be doing something with pork and possibly salmon next time around.

In the meantime you can register your interest on our Facebook event here to be kept up to date: www.facebook.com/events/305973716847800/


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